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The best kept secret in music


"Jeremiah Murphy Gives Praisers Something To Sing About With"

Jeremiah Murphy is simply a lover of worship. That love is clearly evidenced in the title of his latest project, “Worship”. A collection of wonderful church tunes, “Worship” allows Murphy to not only give reverence and honor to his Savior, but he gets a chance to bless the world with his amazing musical talents. “Worship”, with its 19 well-penned and moving tracks, is guaranteed to leave the God-lover with a full heart of adoration and praise.

Murphy begins this CD with a thoughtful scripture reading from his mother, Ethel M. Allen. Hitting us with beat one, the opening cut, “I Praise The Lord”, is a festive, feel-good tune. The hand-clapper gives us our first taste of the beautiful bass voice of Murphy. During the song of thanksgiving, the Christian is encouraged to persevere in praise.

The pretty harmonies of Judah help define the beautiful worship tune, “Hallelujah Amen”. With its modulations and powerful, exultations, the song is deserving of lifted hands. Another memorable track is the simple yet powerful “Speak Lord”.

The track that has been taking the nation by storm is the worshipful, “The Lord Is In This Place”. Sung in choir stands and pews everywhere, the song beseeches God’s presence. When Murphy penned the song, he had no idea so many people would fall in love with the song. As a matter of fact, he’s aware of a church that sings it every Sunday to open their worship service. “I knew that it was blessing me when it was coming to me,” says Murphy, “when it came to me in Los Angeles”. But he didn’t realize the power of the song until he rehearsed it with his group, Judah. “When I got to a piano and started working it out with Judah, we began to rejoice and bless the Lord in that house,” recounts the songwriter. “It amazed me so mightily that everyone was so enthused with that song. As I look at it now, I believe it’s a song that can reach people across denominational lines. It simply says, ‘come and worship because the Lord is in this place’.”

Giving us something to get out of our seats for, Jeremiah Murphy lends “Jesus Lifted Me” to lead vocalist Carolene Evans. A former Richard Smallwood Singer and current singer of Vision, Evans brings a classic gospel sound to the old-time church track. Flaunting his exceptional songwriter skills, Murphy pens some other extraordinary tunes like the inspiring, “My Redeemer Liveth”, the laid-back, funky “He’s Been Good To Me” and the melodic, encouraging “It’s Going To Be Alright”.

Murphy lets us know where our strength comes from with the Tameria Thomas-led song, “Pray”. Reminding the listener to have faith when going to God, Murphy leaves us uplifted. “He’s God” immediately catches the ear with its simplicity and beauty. Murphy steps away from the mic on this one, but doesn’t step away from the pen. This artist’s musical creation is one of his finest and is destined for greatness. Speaking of the awesomeness of God, the song lets the listener know that God “is able”. Stepping back to the mic, Jeremiah’s booming bass takes center stage on the mellow cut, “Everything”.

Showcasing his uncanny ability to diversify musical styles, Murphy gives us a jazzy, almost Latin feel, on the relaxing, moving “It Will Pass”. Letting us know that “it will be over afterwhile”, the singer continues to encourage on the pretty, piano-driven ballad. We’re treated to a downhome church vibe on the fast, hand-clapping gospel song, “Calvary”. A perfect tune for the adult gospel choir, Judah takes it back to the cross on this one. Pulling from the ever-popular doxology, the Largo High School Alumni Choir backs Murphy on the perfect musical closer, “Jude Doxology” to this beautiful time of worship.
- Andrea R. Williams


2006 More Than Enough, El Shaddai, Platinum Praise Records
2005 Worship, Jeremiah Murphy And Judah, EMA Music, Inc.
2000 Another Perspective , Jeremiah Murphy, EMA Music, Inc.
1999 Inspirations, Largo High School Choir
1998 His Mercy Endureth For Ever, Myrna Summers (w/Largo High School Choir)
1993 Introduction, Jeremiah Murphy, EMA Music, Inc.
1983 None But The Righteous, Dale Talbert & The Dimensionals, MAW Records
1975 Shadows, Oberlin College Black Ensemble
1971 Lead Me Guide Me, Sousa Jr. High Gospel Chorus


Feeling a bit camera shy


Some gospel artists capture your heart from the first moment. Jeremiah Murphy’s beautiful spirit and captivating smile are the most noticeable characteristics of this man of God. But when he sings, anyone in earshot can easily tell there’s so much more to this young man than what’s visible to the naked eye. This man is anointed by God to sing.

Jeremiah Murphy’s story begins in Washington, D.C., a city he still calls home. Growing up as a child prodigy, music was always a large part of his life. With his father as pastor of Leadership Commandment Church of God, ministry was never far from Jeremiah’s thoughts. It was a natural progression for him to become active in the church’s music department.

Although he had been singing almost since he was born, it was at the prompting of the youth at the age of nine, that he learned how to play piano. At the age of 13, he co-founded the Sousa Gospel Chorus at Sousa Jr. High School and simultaneously was the director of his church’s choral ensemble. His desire for music grew and when he entered his teen years, he decided to get serious about music ministry. Murphy says, “I not only wanted to play piano, but I wanted to be a songwriter. So I started praying around that time – as a teenager – asking God to make me a songwriter. And he gave me my first song when I was 16 years old.”

Education nurtured the musical gifting when he attended D.C.’s McKinley High School where he was placed in the Music Major program and served as the pianist and director of the McKinley Gospel Choir. He walked away with a diploma and continued his music education at Oberlin College Conservatory of Music in Oberlin, Ohio. At the conservatory, he became the director of the school’s Ensemble And Voices For Christ and was the pianist and choir director of Christ Temple Apostolic Church in Oberlin. Completing two degrees there – a Bachelor of Music (Piano) and a Masters of Music Teaching – Murphy was well on his way to moving in the calling that God had placed on his life years earlier.

Shortly after graduation, he moved back to the D.C. area and found employment with the Prince George’s County, Maryland School System as a teacher of vocal music. Currently, he’s fulfilling that role at Largo, Maryland’s Largo High School where he directs the Largo High School Choir. For his exemplary work as a music educator, Murphy received the Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher Award in 1997 presented to him by the Washington Post. Merging his love of gospel music and his desire to teach, he’s brought some of the genre’s best artists to sing with the educational aggregation. Artists like Richard Smallwood, Karen Clark Sheard, Tramaine Hawkins, and Myrna Summers have tapped the choir as background vocalists further expanding the reach of the ministry of Jeremiah Murphy.

He’s been part of many musical ensembles including Jeremiah Murphy & Unlimited Praise, Dale Talbert & The Dimensionals, Voices of Praise at Largo Community Church, where he was the director, and the prestigious Jerusalem 3000 Choir in Jerusalem, Israel, where he played the role of coordinator. His ministry has taken him across the globe having also sung in Britain. As a matter of fact, one of his compositions was featured with David Murray’s Deep River Gospel Choir at the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Hague, The Netherlands.

Here at home, Murphy serves at the same church he grew up in – Leading Commandment Church in Washington, D.C. – as an ordained minister and a minister of music. His love of education was evidenced in his church and for over 15 years, he was the teacher of the church’s weekly bible study where he shared the word of God with Leading Commandment’s members.

Although called as a minister to the preached word, Murphy’s heart has always held a special place for the word shared through the medium of music. He has captured his enormous gifting in his recordings, three to date. Introduction, his label, EMA Music’s, debut release showcased the incredible talents of this young man. Another Perspective followed which introduced his burgeoning gifts as a producer. His newest release, Worship, recorded with his group Judah, continues to reveal the anointing Jeremiah Murphy has been given. The album has spawned the church hit, “The Lord Is In This Place”, an anthem inviting the presence of God. It’s just a small part of what’s to come from the ministry of Jeremiah Murphy.