Jeremiah Vancans

Jeremiah Vancans


The sound of Jeremiah Vancans is like a tropical New York City.


Sounds like G. Love, Beck, Flaming Lips, Wilco, Elliott Smith and Jack Johnson in a blender. Jeremiah Vancans combines aspects of rock/soul/electronica and country to create a completely unique sound on its own. Testing dynamics, soulful vocals, screaming guitars, and blending genres. Big beats, pedal steele, synths, horn sections, a complete mix of styles and sound.


*"My City's Large"-Jeremiah Vancans - out in 2006
*"Can't Wait" - Mira - electro/soul - - produced by Jeremiah Vancans-reviewed in Feb 06 issue of VIBE
*Movie Score for "Sexual Dependency"-Jeremiah Vancans composed and produced this score. This feature indie won the Critics Prize Award at Locarno, Switzerland in 2003. This movie has international distribution.
"Silver Lash Lounge" - buttah -produced by Jeremiah Vancans

Set List

Hipster, West Bound, Ragin', My City's Large, Birth of My Blues, Cause Life Is Short, Go To Sleep, Quick Swoop, Perfect Country, Forever Be, Where's My Train?, Grace, River Park Dance, H is for Loving, Flight, Starve Your Negative...