Jeremy Rice and the Lagendary Fist of Takinawa
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Jeremy Rice and the Lagendary Fist of Takinawa

Québec, Quebec, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2019

Québec, Quebec, Canada
Established on Jan, 2019
Band Rock Classic Rock


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"Jeremy Rice “Arriianne”"

Jeremy Rice doesn’t waste a stitch of time in his new single “Arriianne” before laying the big guitar melodies on as thick as he can and lacing his signature lush vocal into the reverberating rhythm that ensues. As surreal as it is jittery, the music video for the song is just as gripping as its source material is, and by the time that we get into Rice’s second stanza of lyrics, it becomes next to impossible for us to avoid the contagiously confident grooves and all of the danceable energy that they’re spreading like wildfire. “Arriianne” gets us started with a bang and never slows down for a second in its three and a half minutes of playing time.
The bassline is monolithic here, but it doesn’t sound excessive next to the other elements in the song at all. The drums collide with the low-end tones and force a lot of tension into the front of the track, but that ends up working to Jeremy Rice’s favor – with all of the intensity bubbling up beneath him, his powerful slew of poetic words in the chorus becomes even more cathartic than it already would have been. It’s calculated, but the construction of this piece is as far from cold as you can get without going to hell and back.

Thanks to the physicality of the master mix, there aren’t any speedbumps in the fluidity of the percussion, strings or Rice’s own velvety vocal. You could possibly make the argument that it would have been a bit more prudent to back off of the distortion on the bass, but I don’t think that I would change a single thing about the way that producers chose to treat this number. Jeremy Rice brings a lot of passion with him into the studio, and it’s reflected in the very presence of his band’s melodicism in “Arriianne.”
With an uncorked bottle of champagne and a riff as sharp as a piece of broken glass, “Arriianne” comes to a feverish conclusion, leaving in its wake a trail of echoing beats that would make even the most discriminating of music enthusiasts quite curious to hear the remainder of Jeremy Rice’s forthcoming debut solo album. Too often in the last few years, alternative artists with a knack for conjuring up easygoing grooves have shied away from embracing the pop influences in their sound, but that’s not the case with Rice’s latest look. He’s jumping into these chic pop melodies with both feet, and giving us plenty of reasons to keep an eye on his upcoming output.
Mindy McCall - IndiePulse Music

"“Arriianne” by Jeremy Rice"

The sounds of Canada’s best indie artists have been shaking up the States quite a bit lately, and after listening to the new single from Jeremy Rice, it isn’t difficult for me to understand why at all. Rice has been described by some as one of the premier melodic pop singers in his scene, and in the song “Arriianne,” he fires off some signature stylishness in a bold vocal that cuts to the core of what superior indie pop was always meant to sound like. With a voice like his, it doesn’t take much to melt hearts, and he demonstrates his skillset beautifully here.

There’s a lot of throttling guitar play in “Arriianne” that goes completely unchecked in the mix (yielding quite a bit of indulgent chaos that I haven’t been able to get enough of), but it meets a forceful match in the similarly potent percussive track and its shadow, the bassline. It’s been hard to find this kind of riffing in the American underground recently, and that could explain why singles like this one have been doing as well with stateside listeners as they have been. This song has tons of zip and energy, but its main squeeze is its gargantuan, distorted grooves.

One thing that you won’t hear in the whole of this track, and the music video for “Arriianne” for that matter, is trace elements of an electronic influence – there are none. Where scores of his contemporaries are making the studio itself into an instrument with every shred of material that they compose, Jeremy Rice is doing the opposite in this song and, in essence, setting himself apart from those who would seek to destroy organic pop and true rock n’ roll as we know it. The beats are danceable without any extra fuzz or ornate grinding, and thus, they justly deserved to be left alone.
From the way that this single was structured, I think it would make for an excellent jam in a live setting. There’s room for its bolder parts to be expanded and manipulated into a seven-minute opus if the players saw fit – once again, mostly because of the dynamic style of the guitar play – but it could just as well be performed as-is (or even a touch faster) and make a big statement in the spotlight of any club, large or small. Rice shows us that he has the zany energy it takes to get a packed concert hall behind him in the video, and I can’t wait to see his show for myself at some point.

Of all the new singles that I’ve heard this September, this is probably my favorite from the Canadian side of the border. Jeremy Rice has almost no name recognition in the United States right now, but I can absolutely see “Arriianne” finding a lot of favor among college radio crowds as we transition into autumn. He’s got the voice, the vibrancy and the virtuous ideals that all pop stalwarts do, but a charismatic personality that is his and his alone in this amazingly straight-forward rocker.

Gwen Waggoner - Skope

"Jeremy Rice Releases “Arriianne”"

One of the more integral elements in the new single from Jeremy Rice, “Arriianne,” is undeniably its monstrous drumming, which essentially serves to bring all of the eclectic loose-ends in the string play together in a singular harmony without boxing the girth of the melodies into a predictably poppy gallop. Rice navigates the thick channels between the grooves with incredible precision, rattling off verses that reflect the adrenaline of the beat in their urgency, and as sonically intricate as the track is, there aren’t any complications in its fluid structure. Of all the angular pop songs to debut this summer, this is actually one of the more classical in its delivery, and more importantly, its design.

I’ve never found lyrics to be an essential component to making a good pop song, but that doesn’t matter in “Arriianne;” both in instrumentation and in verse, this is a composition that is as in-depth and solid as I would expect a more expansive progressive rock suite to be. I don’t know that Rice was trying to make his words the crown jewel of this track, but he definitely took the time to sort out the narrative that he was trying to convey through the prose he employed here (which isn’t always the case with up and coming pop musicians).
It would have been awesome to hear just a little more bass out of the master mix, but it’s a totally forgivable offense when considering what Jeremy Rice was probably trying to create in this single. “Arriianne” isn’t surreal per-say, but it’s unquestionably outside of the mainstream style of melodicism that a lot of his rivals have been playing with in both Canada and the United Kingdom recently. If he was attempting complete efficiency incarnate, he’s definitely hitting the mark in this song and even more so in its music video.

Jeremy Rice is doing his part to make indie rock great again in “Arriianne,” and I believe that pop fans and alternative connoisseurs alike will find its sexy string parts to be some of the better material out this September. Legendary Fist of Takinawa isn’t out yet, but it’s rightly getting a lot of accolades through the release of its first single, which could be the most buzzed-about song that Rice has stamped his name on since he first came to the attention of critics years ago. There’s still a ways to go, but he’s doing what he has to do to make a big splash this season – and sounding chiller than ever before in “Arriianne.”

by Loren Sperry - Vents Mag

"Jeremy Rice Releases “Arriianne”"

Canadian songwriter Jeremy Rice is garnering a ton of buzz this September, and it’s undoubtedly because of the new music video for his single “Arriianne.” With a colorful cast of characters that include five forest green sock puppets, the video for “Arriianne” is a creatively black and white revival of old school rock n’ roll swing flanked with a contemporary surrealism that binds all of its most eclectic components together in a nice, neat package. In terms of sheer energy, it’s absolutely one of the most electrifying releases to come out of Rice’s scene in a long time.

Its charming music video aside, “Arriianne” is a really solid pop song that doesn’t rely on any of the typical techy tricks, bells and whistles that have become somewhat standard in modern mainstream music. Rice doesn’t conceal his vocal behind any larger than life beats or some sort of outrageously overdriven riffing – he’s up at the forefront of the mix, obliterating the very notion of hesitation with a swaggering execution that is reason enough to pick up a copy of this track right now. He knows who he is as an artist at this point in his career, and his confident attack makes this composition all the more intoxicating from start to finish.
I think it would be interesting to hear a slightly grainier mix of this song in which the garage rock undertones were more amplified than they are in this current version. There’s a lot of aggression lying just beneath the poppy varnish in “Arriianne,” and it would be a shame for Rice to avoid exploiting it for everything that it’s worth. If he’s able to explore a punkier side of his sound with credible results in the future, he could easily become one of the more unique artists in his peer group on either side of the CanAm border come 2020.

The percussion in this track has a lot of swing that reminds me of the iconic midcentury pop that laid the groundwork for some of rock’s most important groups, from The Beatles to the Pixies, but I don’t think that it’s steeped in the same throwback culture that a lot of hipster acts have been indulging in as of late. Jeremy Rice is making it overwhelmingly clear to us in “Arriianne” that he has no interest in marching to the beat of someone else’s drum; he’s blending tradition with a tenacious Millennial rebellion here, and subsequently sounding wise beyond his years.
There is no shortage of incredible music coming from the Canadian underground at the moment, and among my favorite artists, the accomplished Jeremy Rice currently reigns supreme. Rice doesn’t hold anything back from us lyrically or instrumentally in this track and its moxie-powered music video, and even if neither are the most elaborate that you’re going to hear or see this season, they’re undisputedly filler-free and guaranteed to put a smile on any groove-lovers face just the same. We’re living in a pivotal period in the history of pop, and artists like this one are defining the future of the genre with intrepidly forward-thinking concept songs like “Arriianne.”

Mark Druery - Indie Shark

"Jeremy Rice’s “Arriianne”"

Like a wild wolf howling at the moon, the electric guitar that blasts a hole through the first ten seconds of Jeremy Rice’s “Arriianne” is intimidating, familiar and rife with intensity. The drums click into place and leave just enough space for the bassline to fill the background with warm tonality, and even before Rice starts serenading us with a punkish might, there’s a seditiousness to the undercurrent of percussion pushing and shoving its way into the mix. With a spunkiness also found in the music video for “Arriianne”, the track moves forward on the back of a violent rock beat that, were it not joined to a soft, lush harmony, would be a little harsher than what I’ve heard in any indie rock song lately.

Jeremy Rice’s voice scales the mountains that the melodically-pleasing riffing piles in front of him, and though he backs off of the gas in the chorus, he never comes across to us as hesitant for even a second. He’s giving it to the audience as hard as he can with the microphone, but his backing band is getting just as into their part in creating this charged pop juggernaut; Rice always remains the main feature of the song and video for “Arriianne,” but he doesn’t have any trouble sharing the instrumental stage with his more than capable bandmates. This isn’t his first rodeo, and he’s exhibiting a maturity in this track that I’d really like to see more of in current popular music.

We come careening to a halt with “Arriianne” after a little over three minutes of Rice throwing everything that he has in his bag of tricks at us, and in both the video and the single itself, there’s a sense of unfinished business that hangs over the conclusion as if to say this story hasn’t been fully told. We’ll likely get a string of sequels hopefully as good as this initial offering is in Jeremy Rice’s new solo album Legendary Fist of Takinawa, and if they indeed live up to the high standard set by this song, it’s going to be one of the more important LPs to be released this autumn.

Kim Muncie - Neufutur

"Jeremy Rice “Arriianne”"

A sizzling riff crashes into a wall of percussive might and somehow finds an evenhanded rhythm as we descend upon the groove-laden valley of melodies that is Jeremy Rice’s new single “Arriianne,’ but as the track gains momentum over the next sixty seconds, the discordant backdrop takes a different shape as the commanding lead vocal swallows up the lion’s share of the spotlight. Rice turns in a gem of a song in this track, which I would describe as being as close to a perfect blend of sugary pop and spicy indie rock as I’ve heard in the whole of 2019, and taking into consideration just how strong a year it’s been for independent Canadian artists, that’s no small statement to make by any means.

The music video for “Arriianne” is pretty simple, stripped-down and unfanciful (especially when compared to some of the other content that I’ve seen out of the underground this summer), but it doesn’t feel even remotely incomplete. I get the impression that Jeremy Rice appreciates the concept of “less is more” when I look at these simplistic shots which were strung together in what amounts to a fun singalong-style sequence that is as infectious as the main beat in the track is. By keeping things at their most fundamental and choosing to focus more on the substance of the songcraft than he ever does the visual elements, he not only distinguishes this solo project from its closest rivals but in fact sets this latest phase of his career apart from any other to precede it.

Fans of minimalist melodies skewed with bright vocal work would be smart to give the new Jeremy Rice single/video a combo a close listen this September, as it most definitely represents a new creative highpoint for the artist responsible for its conception. There are a few admittedly rough edges to the stylization of the harmonies, but rather than trying to snuff them out in future recordings, I for one hope to hear Rice experiment with their depth and potential.

“Arriianne” presents us with a very cut and dry pop/rock framework that has just a hint of grit in its finish, and when examining the current musical climate of 2019, it’s safe to say that it’s a one of a kind product facing little – if any – serious competition from the mainstream.

John McCall - Too Much Love

"“Arriianne” by Jeremy Rice"

At once both sonically jarring and startlingly focused, the riff-rocking guitar parts that comprise the basis for the central melody in “Arriianne,” the new single from Canada’s own Jeremy Rice, have a habit of provoking just as much hip-swinging as any of the fuzzy-bassline or brutish percussion’s grooving does – and that’s something I just haven’t been able to say for the majority of new indie rock tracks emerging from the underground this year. Fiery fretwork meets its match in a vicious vocal harmony that is certain to induce chills on contact in this song and its music video, both of which were designed for those whose summer has been missing a charismatic pop beat.

Rice’s vocal track could have used just a bit more oomph than it received from the master mix in the grander scheme of things in “Arriianne,” but the substance of his performance is actually quite strong. I’d really like to hear what he can do with his voice when there’s no restrictions placed in front of him, and with any luck he’ll take a more liberal approach to the soundboard in any future endeavors that are as lyric-driven as this particular composition happens to be.
While it’s rather lacking in aesthetical complexities, “Arriianne” doesn’t feel or sound like an unbearably basic pop tune – quite the contrary, actually. The cosmetics are glowing in this track (in contrast, the music video is a lot more DIY in nature), and I think that they more than compensate for any stylistic shortcomings such as the mild predictability within the prose. This is new territory for Jeremy Rice, and though he’s still got plenty of room for improvement and creative growth, there’s definitely no denying that he’s sounding really on-point and in his element in this track and its video. When you’ve got genuine talent, you don’t need a lot of frills to create a haunting harmony that sticks with listeners long after the music stops playing, and he essentially proves that here.

If you’re keen on efficient Canadian pop with loads of crossover potential, Jeremy Rice’s new material should be considered a must-listen this month. There are a couple of infinitesimal issues with the way that “Arriianne” is structured, but they’re definitely not the sort of hitches that I would deem inexcusable for an artist of his caliber. He’s got a unique style that’s still finding its footing (even in the course of the recording process), and given a little more time and cultivation, my gut tells me it’s going to be something really special.

Anne Hollister - The Indie Source

"Jeremy Rice Releases New Single"

Numbers, letters, some carefree dancing and a few sock puppets are thrown into a singular melting pot of melody and marvelous grooves in the music video for Jeremy Rice’s new song “Arriianne,” but for as eclectic a collection of imagery as it is, this is one video that appeals more to conventional pop standards than it does anything occupying the left side of the dial right now. In employing a familiar sway and a lively, blues-based guitar pattern that forces listeners to embrace the tonality of the music as much as they are the lyrics, Rice produces a composition in “Arriianne” that is primed for a generation of listeners that demand a lot of layered textures out of their favorite artists, and I think that’s why it’s causing the stir that it is at the moment.

I absolutely adore the harmonies in this track. Though every one of the individual instrumental elements makes a decent contribution to the mood of the music, the chemistry between the warm strings and the wildly flamboyant vocal from Rice is the unparalleled true centerpiece above all else here. He comes on strong enough with his discharge of the verses that there’s really no room for the bassline to fill in the gaps with its overdriven bluster; the percussion takes up that role instead, affording the guitar parts all the more space to connect with the timbre of Rice’s voice in an organic cocktail of color and croon. It’s smart songwriting if I’ve ever heard it, and a sublime example of this indie star’s skills in action.

Only time will tell for certain, but something tells me that this is only a glimpse into what’s next to come from Mr. Jeremy Rice as he embarks on this next chapter in his professional story. “Arriianne” is an ambitious music video and a wholesome song that doesn’t ask us to adapt our perception of what pop music is supposed to sound like in order to appreciate its rare grandiosity – this is a straight-up groove tune that was cut from the same cloth that so many of the North American songbook’s best songs have been. I’m eager to hear more, and I doubt that I’m the only music journalist saying as much.

Sebastian Cole - Gashouse Radio

"Jeremy Rice releases new single called ‘Arriiane’"

Jeremy Rice is a musician, composer, producer and obsessive creator now based in Quebec City. He moved there in 2016 for a fresh start. Already having loads of experience in the music industry he was keen to go on a “creative self-reinvention”. Jeremy Rice and the Legendary Fist of Takinawa is the result. The sound that he has created is what I consider to be one of the best sounds in the indie genre right now. With interesting vocals and a song that is meaningful, his new single called ‘Arriiane’ ticks all my boxes for a song to share. Take a listen here to ‘Arriiane’ and keep an eye out for new releases Jeremy Rice and the Legendary Fist of Takinawa. - Music Injection


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