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Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway | INDIE

Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway | INDIE
Band Pop Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




Let’s start off with the basics. No, there is no one named Jeremy in the band. Instead this Norwegian duo is comprised of a Lars and a Øivind, and they’re music is a contagious adventure into a world of peace love and harmony. Euphoria. Pure happiness is what Jeremy exudes; they create music that you don’t have to think about. Just press play and enjoy. Check out “Make Love Not War” for an appetizer sized sampling of the full course meal that this duo brings into the music world. With lyrics like “Am I hallucinating or are you just a bag of treats? /Waiting to be picked up by the kids that know you’re sweet” who wouldn’t fall in love with them? Fans of Sondre Lerche will swoon over Jeremy, and will more than likely get the band name tattooed in unmentionable places. Listen to their latest release here.

Soundriot: Can you introduce yourselves?
Lars Christian Olsen and Øivind Hatleskog. Hope you have a Ø on your keyboard. Unless, ö is a good option. I am Lars, giving this interview.

Soundriot: Please give a brief bio of Jeremy.
Started out playing White Stripes rock ‘n’roll covering Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and crappy punk songs. I showed Øivind some songs that were more poppy, so we started copying Kings Of Convenience, until we stumbled over a sound that was nothing like them. One night, we warmed up at our local club for Sondre Lerche, and everybody loved us. We got invited up to his guitarist’s studio to record a demo. We loved it there, but he never had time because of Sondre's Phantom Punch release, so we started recording with Sondre's producer and Kato's compadre HP Gundersen. We just released a single, and are done with the album in the end of June.

Soundriot: What are you wearing right now?
Slim fit jeans and a western shirt.

Soundriot: What do you think the invention of the mp3 player has done to music? Do you prefer it?
It's multiplied it. It's brought creativity to the hands of mere mortals, not just the middle class. Do I prefer it? Naw. I download illegally a lot and then if it's really good I buy the CD.

Soundriot: If you could design your own festival, who would play it? Who would sponsor it?
The Norwegian state would sponsor it, cause they are loaded. Mars Volta, Loney, Dear, Broken Social Scene, Us, Belle and Sebastian and Sondre would play.

Soundriot: If you could go back in time to do anything what would it be?
I have no clue. So many options. Join the Beatles! Kick George Harrison and play myself.

Soundriot: What is the earliest music affiliated memory you have?
I'd like to say my dad recovering Johnny cash vinyl and playing it, but I think it’s my trusted plank guitar that I loved and cherished as a small child.

Soundriot: Are you good at billiards?

Soundriot: What is the coolest music-related word you know in another language?
Lo-fi. It's a term so widely used by our producer. We don’t have clue what it means we just nod and smile.

Soundriot: What prop would you like to use in your Rolling Stone cover shoot?
eautiful girls my age wearing retro 50s clothes kissing me passionately.

Soundriot: How are your apartments decorated?
With CDs. I even have vinyl.

Soundriot: What's your favorite dance move? Does it have a name? What real life activity does it look like?
It has to be smackdatass, it resembles me smacking a females arse.

Soundriot: Start or stop a rumor about your band.
We have polar bears as pets.

Soundriot: What do you put on your pizza?

Soundriot: If only one instrument could be used for the rest of eternity, what would it be? what would it sound like?
The guitaronica, with a tonal spectre from the lower regions to the upper ones, but also with several overtones. Geeky, I know.

-Sarah Zohdy -

"Blog reviews of Make Love, Not War"

"The title of this gem says it all: "Make Love, Not War" is a song that's "all about that hippy mentality," from the lyrics (which aren't exactly coded) to the bouncy, Zombies-esque melodies to the faint sitar plucking towards the end. This is a perfect summer song, whether you're a tree-hugger or not."
-I guess I´m floating blog

When you listen to this track, you once again is tempted to draw some parallels to The Velvet Underground and perhaps even The Beatles (when George wrote the songs); especially around the 2:30 mark. But the song is also straight-forward and immediately catchy in a way you should be familiar with from the times you've been listening to The Turtles and The Zombies. And by calling the new single Make Love Not War the band must have known that the 60's comparisons were unavoidable.
-Stytzer/Hits In The Car(denmark)

"It has taken a couple of listens for me to get into it but it reminds me of Irene going up against The Tacticians which means thumbs up all round from the pop jury."

"...Take some Simon & Garfunkel, add some melancholy a la fellow Norwegians Kings of Convenience, some of the laid back indie jazz of the first Everything But The Girl album (or Tracey Thorn first band The Marine Girls) and throw in a little Young Marble Giants and you have a pretty good idea what Jeremy sound like. (...)I for one am glad of Jeremy's brief peaceful interlude from the hurly burly of the world outside my window, and I'm sure you will be too. "
-The Devil Has The Best Tuna

"...they play shiny, beautiful sunshine-pop with uplifting choruses and melodies from another world. Definitely recommended!" -, the devil has the best tuna, I guess I´m Floating,

"Sondre Lerche Quote"

The first time I saw Jeremy on stage I was struck by how refreshing it was to - for once - see two young singer/songwriters with guitars who did not exhaust you with their worries and whining, but rather expressed the unfiltered joy of playing music. It may sound strange and unexeptional, but it's actually pretty rare these days. -Sondre Lerche - Sondre Lerche


2006 - Jeremy EP - You´re Alright radiosingle
Extensive airplay on norwegian radio.

2007 - Jeremy - Make Love, Not War single(digital and 7") airplay in radio2xs, norwegian radio

June 3rd - Silly Love Songs single(norway only)
August Date TBC - Silly Love Songs single (international)
August Date TBC - Make Love, Not War redux single release(norway only)
September Date TBC - Debut album release



Jeremy is Lars Christian Olsen and Øivind Hatleskog, a young duo hailing from Stavanger, a large town south of Bergen, Norway. Friends since high school, the pair bonded over an innate love for simple, charming, and highly melodic sunshine-pop music – and that clearly defines the sound of Jeremy.

The passion for unashamed pop transformed their earliest incarnation as a exuberant three chord punk outfit into the whimsical, harmony-strewn popsicle that their forthcoming debut album is all set to deliver. It is a sound that joins the dots between some of Norway’s most treasured possessions; Annie, The Lionheart Brothers, Kings of Convenience, Magnet, Sondre Lerche, and even A-Ha, but throws a kaleidoscope of colour over these acts combined, to channel an upbeat, but typically Scandi charm and radiance.

The pair hooked up with respected producers HP Gundersen and Kato Adland (Sondre Lerche) in their Bergen based studio to record their first full length record, “Smells Like Rain, Feels Like The Sun”.

Pre-empting its release is “Silly Love Songs”, a track that effortlessly merges Brian Wilson favoured harmonies with a genteel melody-showering akin to a lost Simon & Garfunkel or Teenage Fanclub track. With this shared fondness for spiralling melodies, and keenly affective song structure, the duo are a genuine and intriguing new musical partnership.

Performing live, Lars and Øivind are joined by a full band to allow their songs to soar and further strengthen those sweet harmonies.

It’s argued that the best and most lasting of bands keep their most fabled songs simple – Jeremy stay close to that adage, letting a swooning harmony and tumbling, deft melody very much speak for itself.

Meet Lars, meet Øivind and meet Jeremy. Propping up pop then, albeit gently.

Jeremy release their debut single, ‘Silly Love Songs’ through Brilliance Records on the 8th September 2008.

For more information, please contact Jon Lawrence or Cathy Tennant at Wasted Youth PR on 0207 493 5873 or e-mail

US Management: kenglanton at gmail dot com
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