Stavanger, Rogaland, NOR

Lars Christian Olsen (age 20) and Oeivind Hatleskog (age 22), both born and raised in the Norwegian oil-town Stavanger, are together Jeremy. Blogs say they make “excellent folk-pop”, and are deemed the next big tweepopsensation by just about anyone who hears them.


Jeremy is Lars Christian Olsen and Øivind Hatleskog, a young duo hailing from Stavanger, a large town south of Bergen, Norway. Friends since high school, the pair bonded over an innate love for simple, charming, and highly melodic sunshine-pop music – and that clearly defines the sound of Jeremy.

The passion for unashamed pop transformed their earliest incarnation as a exuberant three chord punk outfit into the whimsical, harmony-strewn popsicle that their forthcoming debut album is all set to deliver. It is a sound that joins the dots between some of Norway’s most treasured possessions; Annie, The Lionheart Brothers, Kings of Convenience, Magnet, Sondre Lerche, and even A-Ha, but throws a kaleidoscope of colour over these acts combined, to channel an upbeat, but typically Scandi charm and radiance.

The pair hooked up with respected producers HP Gundersen and Kato Adland (Sondre Lerche) in their Bergen based studio to record their first full length record, “Smells Like Rain, Feels Like The Sun”.

Pre-empting its release is “Silly Love Songs”, a track that effortlessly merges Brian Wilson favoured harmonies with a genteel melody-showering akin to a lost Simon & Garfunkel or Teenage Fanclub track. With this shared fondness for spiralling melodies, and keenly affective song structure, the duo are a genuine and intriguing new musical partnership.

Performing live, Lars and Øivind are joined by a full band to allow their songs to soar and further strengthen those sweet harmonies.

It’s argued that the best and most lasting of bands keep their most fabled songs simple – Jeremy stay close to that adage, letting a swooning harmony and tumbling, deft melody very much speak for itself.

Meet Lars, meet Øivind and meet Jeremy. Propping up pop then, albeit gently.

Jeremy release their debut single, ‘Silly Love Songs’ through Brilliance Records on the 8th September 2008.

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2006 - Jeremy EP - You´re Alright radiosingle
Extensive airplay on norwegian radio.

2007 - Jeremy - Make Love, Not War single(digital and 7") airplay in radio2xs, norwegian radio

June 3rd - Silly Love Songs single(norway only)
August Date TBC - Silly Love Songs single (international)
August Date TBC - Make Love, Not War redux single release(norway only)
September Date TBC - Debut album release

Set List

Showcase set:
1. You´re Alright(EP)
2. Death Train(EP)
3. The Hahaha Song(notreleased)
4. Sailboat(n/r)
5. Silly Love Songs(n/r)
6. Make Love, Not War(single)