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| Established. Jan 01, 2007

Established on Jan, 2007
Solo Pop Neo Soul


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"Long live the King"

Last night I took myself off to Slide with my cousin Drew. I had yet to venture within its vaunt halls and I probably wouldnt have but for the fact that King Casual were performing. Not that I have anything against the venue its great, and I love their style during the week nights, making it a destination of live music like the old supper clubs of the Cross. However the reason that I was there, was for King Casual.

So what was the show like? It was fantastic. Though I dislike the habit of reviewers to compare, it is often the only way to convey in words an experience that can only be conveyed in the medium of sound; so here goes.

King Casual's sound can only be likened to a modern interpretation of UK soul in the vein of Driz-a-bone, Alison Moyet, Incognito, Vivienne McKone, Young Disciples, BNH and the Soul Family Sensation. However where King Casual diverges from the pack of usual suspects is in Jeremy Brennans delivery.

Dayum! This man can sing! His spectacular voice filled the venue with the flawless precision and heartfelt passion of a true professional. And having worked with the likes of Tina Arena, Paul Mac, Toby Allen, Bridget ABeckett and DJ Mike Kelly the audience would be justified in expecting nothing less than technical competency from him. However it is the smokey touch in his dulcet tones, bringing to mind a young Billy Joel, Remy Shand and even George Michael, which holds your attention and delivers the emotional punch in his performance.

I cant wait till they are playing again; I will definitely be there to see it. Damn, Ill probably end up a groupie!

Boys and girls, if you love live music and want to get in on a great act, to watch history is in the making as they continue to refine themselves then, in the words of Steven Erikson, take note one and all. Something remarkable has begun! - bestandworst


* The Uranus Sessions - EP 2006 recorded live @ Bar Me
* Action - EP 2007 recorded @ Powerhouse Studios Mixed by Mat Hoarty, Mastered by Steve Peach
* Cold Cold Heart EP 2007 recorded and mixed at Dog Central.
* Artists Against Cancer Vol 1 Compilation CD 2007 (Track: I'll Never Weather)
* Actionality (self released) 2007
* Sydney Street Choir and Friends 2008 - Guest Artist

Tracks with airplay on FBI
* Action (Action EP)
* I'll Never Weather (Action EP)



Mashing rhythmic piano-pop with a powerfully expressive voice, Jeremy Brennan is a songwriter for a new generation. His shoot-from-the-hip devil-growl delivery heralds the arrival of an unmistakeable voice in music, even prompting one reviewer to cry "Dayum, this man can sing!".

With an envious catalogue of self-penned songs at his disposal, Jeremy's live performances are also a surprise; he says "I've never, ever done the same set twice".

Even his band is subject to the same variable. King Casual seems to be more a collective than a bona fide band, some gigs have seen as many as 10 people on stage.

Having honed his live skills with the likes of producer and Silverchair pianist Paulmac, acclaimed chanteuse Tina Arena, cabaret-diva Ava Torch, country duo The McMenamins, and Mardi Gras favourite DJ Mike Kelly, Jeremy's influences must be huge to reflect such a variety of collaboration.

"I could tell you my favourite music today but you'd have a different answer by tomorrow. Music is music - it’s not something to measure and dissect, it's joy, and it’s beautiful sadness. It's a happy heart, a bitter heart, sometimes a killer's heart."

Sounds like he's had a few too many breakups, but how many hearts can one guy have? "I have as many as I need - I'm not afraid to grow new limbs - all the better for losing them in the first place - it just means I've lived some more." he says with a wry smile. I think he's serious!