Jeremy Christensen

Jeremy Christensen


Acoustic, Indie Pop...soulful vocals, honest lyrics...real heart-on-sleeve...Emotional landscapes.


Midwestern kid moves to the big city to make his dreams come true...I'm sure you've heard this story before, but you've never heard this voice - soulful, emotional and aggressive...Jeremy takes over your heart everytime he plays...
"one of the sexiest young performers on the New York circuit..." HX Magazine


Common Ground

Written By: Jeremy Christensen

Am I too shallow for you
Am I too deep to wade through
I don't care about politics
Presidential names I never knew
I don't care about anything but you
I just want you to know
No matter how slow
I'll come around
To meet you on Common Ground

Am I too quiet or too shy
Do I take too long to tell you why
I don't know astrology
I only know to read Gemini
But I want you to give me a try
Despite all our differences
We're exactly the same
I love that you live
By your middle name
So I'm gonna stay right here
And I hope that's clear
Am I too shallow or too pround
Am I too quiet or too loud


Written By: Jeremy Christensen

Never was I one to give in
Didn't need to ask when to begin
I should have known
Never was I good at jealousy
But I didn't question my strength to see
I should have known
I should have known Better
For all those times
He was just a friend
For all those times
I rewrote the end
For all those times
I didn't listen to my heart
For all those times
I should have ripped you apart
I should have known
We stayed talking
For months and months too long
But I don't know why
I felt the need to hold on
I should have known
I should have known I was Better
Than to believe a single word you said
And all the lies inside my head
I'm happy enough now
To just not have you around
I'm so far from your selfish energy
And so far from your cruelty...
I should have known Better...

Standing Here

Written By: Jeremy Christensen

I remember fighting you
and your ignorant views
When I was seventeen
I didn't hear your call
Or your footsteps down the hall
But I knew everything
Was it a lack if inspiration
Or too much hesitation
The reason why...
I'm Standing Here
Still after all these years
And I'm still trying to find
My pride...
Driving home
I would dream
Of someone
A little less like me
Someone else I could be
I couldn't wait another day
I had to get away
To learn how to fly...
There it was all along
I found myself in my song
Now I'm with you
Watching the reflection of the moon
On the water
Flying home
I've never felt so sure...


Self-Titled EP 2006 (4 songs - Better, Common Ground, Standing Here, Real) Produced by Roger Greenawalt

Set List

Common Ground, Better, Downtown, Standing Here, Let Me Know, Real, Too Much
Some Covers I've done in the Past:Fake Plastic Trees (Radiohead), Time Will Do The Talking (Patty Griffin), My Mirror (Tina Dico), Crash And Burn (Sheryl Crow)
Sets generally last 45 minutes