Quartet San Francisco

Quartet San Francisco


Hip string quartet music. New instrumental chamber music. Often reffered to as Classical Crossover. It combines popular genres into a new chamber music style, breaking the concept of walls between styles.


Quartet San Francisco is a string quartet that plays Latin, Jazz and Classical crossover. From Original compositions by founder Jeremy Cohen to arrangements of Tangos , Jazz and other styles created especially for this ensemble. It's a new wave of chamber music which brings traditional string instruments to the front line. Playing grooves and swinging in a new way.


1. Jeremy Cohen: Violinjazz
2. A Taste of Violinjazz
3. Quartet San Francisco
4. Latigo (Quartet San Francisco)

Set List

We are generally a concert ensemble although we play festivals as well. Our sets usually include Jazz, Tangos, Chorro, Swing, Gypsy Jazz and an occasional classical piece.