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Everybody Needs Somebody To Hate

Written By: Jeremy Elwood


Just like everybody needs someone to love, we all need to someone to hate
New Zealand's got Australia, Canada's got the States
The Scottish have the English, India has Pakistan
And the way things have been working out we all hate Afghanistan

The chinese hate the Taiwanese and they're hated by Tibet
Germany screwed up years ago and we haven't forgiven them yet
Turkey, Greece, Iraq and Iran have caused a lot of bother
and the Irish felt a bit left out so they learnt to hate each other

So if you know what's good for you, you better find yourself an enemy
It's what keeps us together, and it has done throughout history
So it doesn't matter who you are, doesn't matter what you do
You better hate somebody, cause someone sure hates you

The Russians are pretty friendly now, but they used to hate the yanks
Switzerland is neutral, until you try and touch their banks
Israel hates Palestine so much they'll take the country
And America just hates who they want, but these days, so do we.
Who we hate and why we do, it changes with the seasons
Someone out there's dreaming up a cause to hate Norwegiens
But one country rises up, the mark that sets the bench.
It doesn't matter where you travel to, everybody hates the French.

So before you choose whose side you're on, before you choose who's won
Remember that a little hatred, never hurt noone
It doesn't matter who you are, doesn't matter what you do
You have to hate somebody cause somebody sure hates you (x2)