Jeremy Facknitz

Jeremy Facknitz


Organically good lyrics combined with a healthy dose of entertaining and high energy love for the audience.


Singer/Songwriter Jeremy Facknitz has charisma and the voice and lyrics of Barenaked Ladies meets Beck, and Buckley combined in one. Having played solo and with the group, The Ottomans, who won a Detroit's Best award for over 12 years, Jeremy Facknitz knows how to deliver a memorable performance and lyrics that have audiences engaged and humming his tunes well past the gig.


Bijou Bridge

Written By: Jeremy Facknitz

Each morning he wanders away from his own medication
Searching for pennies across from the Denny's; he summons the courage to face us,
'cause he hates us
Those men and women
so evil hearted
Our country's leaders
Don't get him started
Look out now he is so mad he is hoppin'
he might be harmless
but there's no stopping him
The kids
they stare
But no one else who seems to pass him seems to care
he's there
Sharing all the wisdom of a man who's lost his mind
on Bijou Bridge

He's the cheaters
Who've had their run of
the bottom feeders
of which he's one of

Oh dear Lord, he smells worse than you imagine
A little mindset
A mental battle tree
he's king
of this town
and all who passes by
who walks the crowd
can see
he's handing out the answers and their absolutely free on
Bijou Bridge

He laughs
and laughs
in spite
there's something in the mountain air tonight
Prays to God and spreads his arms and takes his final flight off
Bijou Bridge


Jeremy Facknitz: Gimmick (2002)
Jeremy Facknitz: What a Day (2006)
Jeremy Facknitz: Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (release date 3/6/9)

Radioplay on KRFC Fort Collins, CO as well as live interviews on KRFC. Albums: What a Day and Gimmick are available on iTunes/CDBaby/Personal Website

Set List

Sets vary from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. 90% original music: Bijou Bridge, Independence, Trivial Pursuer, Vaguely Alamosa, Bye Bye Boston and more. Cover tunes although rare, range from lesser known Billy Joel tunes like Running on Ice to Cat Stevens and Paul Simon.