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"Jeremy Gibson Band steps into the 'StudioAmped' spotlight"

The WSRE "StudioAmped" concert series presented by continues with the Jeremy Gibson Band, which will be performing at the Jean & Paul Performance Studio at 7 p.m. today.

During the show, Jeremy Gibson (vocals, guitar and keyboard), Josh Sullivan (guitar and keyboards), Jesse Dillaha (guitar), Brandon McKenzie (bass), Duane Mays (drums) and Lauren Naherny (vocals and keyboards) will be performing songs off their new CD, which will be available at the show for $10.

"We'll play the majority of the record," Gibson said. "There are 13 songs, some that they've heard, some that they have not heard. The set has got to be a lot longer, so it'll be a mixture of some newer stuff because I started that project a year and a half ago.
And all those songs were already finished.
Technically, there are a lot more songs that we
haven't even covered."

Gibson writes the songs and most of them revolve around his personal experiences, relationships and "just everyday things."

"A couple of songs are like world-view, understated, very sarcastic and I kind of get that from one of my favorite people to read, C.S. Lewis," Gibson said. "So what he'll do is he'll make a point and come at it at
every opposing role. Believing one thing is different than it being true. There's an aspect of searching for the truth. That's mainly what (the songs) are about things that I find to be true, and that can change from time to time. All of the songs have spiritual value. We're all Christians in the band."

The new CD, "Unsuspecting Will," is "quite different" than the CD that is currently out and it features about 17 different players.

"Everything's different about (the CD)," Gibson said. "It has much more of an acoustic, folky sound. We're stripped down. This is much more like a rock 'n' roll CD. I had a pretty large network of musicians that I played with. It was a really long project. I really pulled people whose talent goes with specific songs."

The band used to be named something different but was changed to the Jeremy Gibson Band because Gibson was always playing with different people.

"The reason it became the Jeremy Gibson Band
originally was because there was no consistent
band," Gibson said. "And now there is. The name stuck because that was what was on the title, the project, the CD and everything else. This is the longest I've had a consistent band since early high school."

The band plans on changing the name again once they get through promoting the new album and people start becoming more familiar with the band.

With six people in the Jeremy Gibson Band, players can switch off between guitar and keyboard parts, and there is also a mixture of male and female vocals.

"I've been in several bands and it's probably been the most complex musically," Sullivan said. "But it's fun to play. It's a different style than I was used to as far as guitar playing goes. It's very interesting. We're not all playing (guitars) all the time. We find a way to put it all together. We're very orchestrated."

With the release of the new album, the band wants to get on the road for a small tour sometime this year, maybe circling around the Southeast region. - Pensacola News Journal/


Unsuspecting Will (LP)
1.Nobody Wants To Be Awake
2.Off The Scene
3.Don't Make A Fool Of Me
5.The Ones You Love
6. What Did You Say?
7.Even Ever So
9.Into Motion
10.Even Ever (reprise)
11. Unsuspecting Will
12.Take Time
13.Fool For Sadness
14.Anyone Could Hear
Tracks streaming on Facebook and myspace including... Off The Scene, Don't Make A Fool Of Me, Justify, What Did You Say?, and Into Motion



The Band started with Jeremy Gibson in Niceville Florida. He was raised in a musical home where his passion for music and songwriting was nurtured. He began playing piano at age 6 and guitar at age 9. His songwriting developed in high school when he also recorded his first full-length, self-distributed album(cross every corner). Gibson developed a following in the Ft. Walton bch. area early on where he met drummer, Duane Mays. Having gone in and out of bands by the year 2007 he recorded his second solo album(To Be Called By Name). Both albums brought local success and appreciation. In 2009 Gibson brought his songs and ideas to Pensacola where the new band was formed including the Following: Duane Mays:drums, Josh Sullivan: Guitar, Lauren Naherny: Organ/Vocals, Brandon Mackenzie: Bass, and Jesse Dilliha: guitar