Jeremy Glenn

Jeremy Glenn

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Jeremy Glenn blurs the line between DJing and vocal performance and takes the concept of the remix/mash to the live venue. Reworking his and other artists' music with his own vocals, effects and style, he creates a new show for every audience; Welcome to the future of live music.


Jeremy Glenn is a singer, songwriter, producer, arranger and engineer. His musical talents were fostered at a young age through his mother’s musicianship and his father’s record collection. During his early years Jeremy attended art school and was introduced to a variety of musical instruments. However his passion for Philosophy eventually overtook his training in rhythm and melody.

As Jeremy’s academic phase came to a close, his love of club music drew him into DJing. Compelled to understand the art and science of the music that inspired him, Jeremy returned to school and completed a program at The Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology. He taught music engineering for 5 years at Canada’s renowned OIART while he continued to hone his arrangement and production skills.

After his tenure at OIART, Jeremy moved back to his home city of Toronto to pursue his music fulltime. He’s currently in the mixing stages of the first Jeremy Glenn album, tentatively titled "Point of You" and scheduled for release in fall 2009. Jeremy is best recognized for the music he produces under his alias MakeShift, and has recently completed his second MakeShift EP due for release on Toronto indie label Pawn Shop Records in spring 2009.

Jeremy’s influences range from Motown to Uptown, Soul Jazz to Nu Jazz, New Wave to No Wave, Paradise Garage to Garage Rock and Old School to New School to No School. As an artist he personifies the contemporary music mentality, motivated by all of music’s forms and functions. Singing and dancing are not merely means of employment or enjoyment for Jeremy, but are fundamental to his way of life.

Whether making music under his alias MakeShift or alternately as Jeremy Glenn, Jeremy’s production style is truly unique: It comprises the well-crafted components that have long been appreciated by music lovers, as well as individual elements that make his music both dynamic and new.



Written By: Jeremy Glenn

I wake up to a sunny day
Having you at my side it takes the clouds away
Your love heats me up, from the inside out
So I can face the world, feeling happy and free
You're like sunshine to me!

You're like the sunshine, the way you make me feel fine
Warm me up when we're together
You're like the sunshine,
Brighten up my life forever

My sunrise is such a sight to behold
And my sunset, always stirs my soul
In my dreams, I await for the dawn
So I can greet the day, feeling happy and free
You're like sunshine to me!


And when there is darkness
You always part the skies to shine a little light on me
Raisin' me up
Help me get through my pain
To see my sunshine again

Shine your light
Shine your light
Shine your light on me

Mysterious Lover

Written By: Jeremy Glenn

Under the moon
Your magic pulls me in
And my senses take over me
The lights of your eyes
Oh the wonder of it
So enticing to see
Whispered cries, break the silence
And a chill goes up my spine
Come to me
Let this be the moment
When our souls intertwine

Mysterious lover
I hear you calling my name
Mysterious lover
You know I'll never be the same

Over my fear, a hunter on the street
Your secrets lead me on
The sights and desires
The danger in the air
All the dimensions to your charm
How you do deceive, with your dark disguises
Hiding the truth behind your shade
Hope that I concede, after all surprises
That your mystery won't fade


Your playing with my mind
We've only so much time before the beat of your song will die
Before the sun can rise
I'm gonna try my best to see what mysteries, you can't hide



Nothin' But The Dirt - Reverb Nation

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Set List

Jeremy's typical set is anywhere from 30-90 minutes or more depending on the show. Longer sets are typically with other DJs but still include sung material.

- Burn Straight Thru U
- Dancin'
- Sunshine
- One Night
- Video Screams
- Human Race/Release Yourself
- Record Store
- Found A Love
- In The Scene
- Cash Cash
- Wait for Me
- Sweeter Times

- Kiss - I was Made for Loving You
- Aleem - Release Yourself
- Amy Winehouse - Love is A Losing Game
- Mary Jane Girls - You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else