Jeremy Goldsmith

Jeremy Goldsmith


Studio Guitarist/Producer/Composer


Jeremy Goldsmith is a NYC based guitarist, songwriter, and producer. He's been fortunate to perform and record with a wide variety of great artists over the years. Included within this list: John Mayer, Kevin Mahogany, Jeffrey Gaines, John Legend, Jeff Tuohy, John Davidson, Shirley Jones, Lenny Picket, Josh Dion, Jon Graboff, Bernard Purdie, Bryan Dunn, Lilian Borunda, Brian Halloran Natalie Distler, Ryan Oneil, Brian Forbes, Dorie Colangelo, Gabe Dixon, Fred Kron, Saida Fikri, Misty Boyce, Kyle Ervin, Clara Lofaro, Jamie Rae, Chad Hollister, Sean Harkness, and many others. His guitar playing has been featured on/in: MTV, Warner Brothers Cable, TLC, Guitar Player Magazine, Slamdance Film Festival[Park City Utah], Homegrown Music Network, Good Morning Arizona, KHDX/St. Louis, The Joey Reynolds Show, among others. Performances range from The Mawazine Festival in Rabat, Morocco, to Sunfest/West Palm Beach Florida, to New York City clubs such as: The Mercury Lounge, Arlenes Grocery, Rockwood Music Hall, The Bitter End, Pete's Candy Store. You can check out his playing on upcoming releases by: Jeff Tuohy, Bryan Dunn, and Kyle Ervin. GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE July 06' Jeremy Goldsmith New York, New York “The Sweetest Thing” "A beautifully mournful, bluesy electric melody over a strummed acoustic that’s obviously heartfelt and true. This could be the theme song for the grey, rainy days the GP staff had to endure this past April, or it could just be an underscore for anyone looking to channel their sadness."


One More Time

Written By: Michael Gough and Jeremy Goldsmith

Seasons change, and time moves slowly
All I have, is this picture of you
The memory fades, the days grow shorter
I know I shouldn't, but still I do

One last time, one more time
Listen to my stories, if only for tonight
Tell me lies, tell me lies
And I'll believe

The fog rolled in, blinds the sunrise
Motel lights, ran hot, ran blue
Our nervous lies, filled the silence
Our last goodbye, held no truth

One last time, one more time
Listen to my stories, if only for tonight
Tell me lies, tell me lies
And I'll believe [2X]


Original Album: Sketches of Sound
Studio work for many artists/multiple genres

Set List

Any style/Any instrumentation. All killer/No filler