Jeremy Grant

Jeremy Grant


I am a pop/rock singer songwriter and musician from NC now living in FL who rights melodic hooks and catchy choruses. I write pop/rock music with the folk influences of instruments such as mandolin, ukulele, auto harp, and banjo as well as the traditional guitar, bass, keys, and drums.


Jeremy Grant grew up in Central North Carolina. Love brought him to Orlando, Florida.

The compulsion to write music gripped him shortly after he picked up his guitar at the age of 15 and began writing songs immediately . Most of the ones he considers good are on his latest record, “A View Caught My Eye”.

The music distills the past three years of his life into 11 tracks that cover life, travel, love and faith. All of the songs on the record were written by Jeremy with the exception of “The Stream” which he co-wrote with his fiancée, Hannah.

Jeremy has been influenced by a wide variety of artists, such as: Fleet Foxes, The Avett Brothers, Sufjan Stevens, Chris Thile, Switchfoot, Brian McSweeney, Death Cab, and Rich Mullins. He does not listen to Radiohead…Well, he does like Karma Police…so there’s that.

He’s played with countless artists that even hipsters haven’t heard of yet.


Names Blend

Written By: Jeremy Grant

It's been a long time since we first made our acquaintance
I didn't know all the joys and trials waiting
For us around every corner across every bridge, across every bridge
The mountains are high treacherous by calculation
Valleys are low trudge on to our destination on the other side
To a place all of our own a place all of our own oh

Just another turn around the lane
I'd love to see your picture in my frame
Sign your signature again and maybe
If I look real hard our names begin to blend

Out in the crowd getting weary of the city lights and the sounds
I just wanna steal away with you and avoid this throng of people
They come here every week spilling all their drinks
Well the music's getting louder but it's like we're telepathic
You don't even need to say a single word to me cause I know
What you think


Jeremy released his first LP "A View Caught My Eye" in May of 2012.

Set List

Winter Park
At Least You Won't Be There
The Stream
A View Caught My Eye
Value of a Soul
The Kiss The Crime
Names Blend
The City Is No Longer Lost