Jeremy Greenway

Jeremy Greenway


Sentimental, reflective, ironic, melodic, contemplative, theatrical...soulful. Jeremy's music is enjoyed for its lyrical relevance, evocation and sincerity.


Imagine this:

A young, charismatic writer named Jeremy is playing the piano and singing a song. The charismatic part is just an opinion, but the playing and singing part is true. He is toying with your emotions, but he’s not an angry young poet (there are plenty of those already). He is flooding you with melody, but he’s not a crooning troubadour (although we do need more of those). He is piercing you with rhythm, but he’s not much of a dancer (although he’ll fake it pretty well after a few drinks).

So who is this Jeremy playing the piano and singing?

Honestly, we have no idea. Neither does he. We do know that he writes good songs and sings them with conviction. We do know that he’s twenty-four years old, and that he also plays guitar. We know that his heroes are, among others, Rufus Wainwright, Cat Stevens and Bach. He’s from London, Ontario and has a BA in English and French Literature. He reads Oscar Wilde for fun. He’s been in bands since his early teens, and he played for four (long) years as a Top 40 cover act in and around his hometown. He loves cars, cop shows and long walks on the beach.

It appears that his original music is causing some sort of stir. If you hadn’t heard his name before now, you will soon. People are talking – sometimes about his insightful, evocative lyrics, sometimes about his plaintive, soulful vocals, and other times about his ridiculous penchant for melody. If you opened a quaint piano bar in the Brill building with a Bach concerto playing against the flash of a strobe light, you might get close to defining Jeremy’s music. Or perhaps you wouldn’t at all.

Jeremy Greenway is not out to change the world (at least that’s what he wants you to think), but he does have some things to say that people might like to hear. So far, he’s right…and judging by the response, people only want to hear more.


Worlds Apart

Written By: Jeremy Greenway

When you are alone
Are you as bastardly as you seem on the phone?

Tell me how it feels
With every stranger is it hollow or surreal
I'm fairly certain no one's ever asked you that
I don't mean to come across as insincere

I never wanted this much
From someone as confident as you

We might as well be worlds apart
Choking down love and affairs of the heart
I'd give you the sun but you'd water it down
As a token of affection

When you are alone
Do you reap the very emptiness you've sown?
Do you pretend or do you let yourself be known?
I can see right through
And I know there is more than emptiness in you
You don't fool me 'cause I've seen it all before
Once bitten, twice shy and the third time it's a bore

I never wanted this much
From someone as far away as you

We might as well be worlds apart
Choking down love and affairs of the heart
I'd give you the sun but you'd water it down
As a token of affection

Don't let me go
Don't let me go
Don't let me go
Don't let me go

We might as well be worlds apart
Choking down love and affairs of the heart
I'd give you the sun but you'd water it down
As a token of affection

Hey now - what are you dreaming of?

Imagine This

Written By: Jeremy Greenway

It doesn't seem so right now that he's way up there
"What are you waiting for?" he cries out to the ones who stare
His feet are planted on the stone cold ground
In worn-out shoes
Thoughts turn to Mom and Dad and what they'll see
When they watch the evening news

Somewhere in Anytown she listens
Through the front-door screen
She knows he works long hours
But sometimes Dad can be so mean
It never used to be like this - well that just don't matter now
She's got a bike and twenty dollars -
She'll sneak away somehow

Some will say that she's crazy but dreamin' takes her far
All the lessons that they teach in school
Won't teach you who you are

Doo doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo doo doo

There's a hush down on the field
As he prepares to make the play
Field goal kicker, brother, friend
But all he hears is "Son, you're just okay
You're nothing special but I guess you'll have to do
When I was your age I learned everything myself
And so should you"

Some will say that he's crazy but dreamin' takes him far
You can walk like you're in Hollywood
But it don't mean you're a star

Doo doo doo doo doo - and imagine we were there
Doo doo doo doo doo

And imagine we were strong - in the face of danger
We'll never change
And when we're dead and gone - no one's a stranger
We'll never change
We'll never change, no

It doesn't seem so right - the lies you swear are facts
Go ahead and cast your stones 'cause I'll go down
With all my pride intact
And so they fired recklessly and without shame
They took his life but somehow they forgot
To get his name

And some will say that I'm crazy but dreamin' takes me far
No, you'll never be the one you want
If you don't know who you are


Written By: Jeremy Greenway

Her philosphy was basically to dream she could dance
And every night she would cast away in a courtyard romance
But most the time she'd pay no mind to her fantasy world
'Cause there were shirts to iron and pots to clean
And who's got time for childish dreams?

She lived alone together with some sisters
The wooden floor skinned her knees
And the broom gave her blisters
The wind from the ceiling fan stirred up some magic
Or maybe it was just the fumes
From Lysol spray and cheap perfumes

You wished on sixteen candles
At the small celebration you held in the attic
With the mice and the birds and they sang pretty words
Cindy, pumpkins aren't chariots
But the slipper makes a fine souvenir

Use a little fairy dust and you should be alright
But keep in mind you will not find all the answers by midnight
Take two of these, Cindy, and call me in the morning
And every time you swear it's real
Remember how you used to feel

Hello Peter Pumpkinhead and little Jack Horner
She didn't know what to expect and nobody warned her
It seems her direction was slightly off kilter
She clicked her heels to no avail
'Cause someone stole her fairy tale


And soon he came to speak her name on the doorstep
She couldn't bear to see him stare
And they laughed as she wept
"Don't waste your time," said the knight to the princess
"Your tangled hair and dishsoap hands
Were never fit to rule the land"



The Art of Breaking (indie demo CD) - 2006

Set List

While the focus is usually on Jeremy's original material, he has amassed a wide ranger of cover songs from his early days as a cover act. A typical Jeremy show now consists of original songs and covers (piano-driven classic pop/rock). Set length is modified depending on the needs and location.