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Jeremy's Intro starts by pulling us in with an oddly compelling industrial trance beat very reminiscent of a dream state, the vocal reverb functioning perfectly to the point that you can feel the inner echoes of his heart and mind, an unfolding story, preparing to pour out in the tracks to come. The effect is enhanced in the final seconds which somehow manages to seamlessly blend, and completely define the beginning of the next song. Scar Tissue begins rather abrasively, and never ceases it's assault on the senses. The erratic, almost grating beats are layered in a way that can override the vocals at times. It would seem a shame with lyrics that have an obvious painful, if not brutal, beauty to them, that is, until you realize the obtrusive beat and entire structure of the song embodies, to complete musical perfection, the emotions that inspired the piece to begin with. Where Scar Tissue contains the voice lost in aggression and pain, Rain and Broken bring it forward in a clarity and realization of emotion and the progression of the end. The irresistibly capturing phrasing, and Jeremy's deceptively soft vocal start persuades us to come closer, then progressively transforms into a cutting tool and, as effectively as a razor, slowly slices through illusion and sends us to a place of shattered innocence. The chillingly adult twist on a childhood tune is very well utilized in the song. The humorous interlude into Selfish Song sets the stage and defines the subtle shift into an acoustic style, where we find the story developing. We follow the voice as it breaks free from anger and pain, launching into independence. The celebration and realization of self carries us forward in the album, but this seemingly angry song is quite capable of standing on it's own and announcing Jeremy Henry's presence to the world. Things continue to soften as Streets of New York City brings the discovery that the journey of self is a lonely one. A touching song entrenched in memory, desire of the unattainable, and a surrender to time and circumstance, all topics that have touched us all, Streets of New York City has a universal appeal adding to it's quiet beauty. The haunting personal touch in the interlude adds an inescapable reality to emotion, and as with life, moves us forward. The beat begins it's return in Sitting Here, which offers a beautiful blend of vocals. Amy Miller's alluring echoes offset Jeremy's lyric in wonderful ebb and flow that enhances the cleansing oceanic impact of the song, and mentioned in it. Amy Miller's Two Cents are pure truth to the brilliance of the beat present in her namesake transition. Jeremy brings the beat back full force in Faked It, and layered with perfect structure. The song itself brings us back to the first few tracks, an acknowledgment of the past and anger. The ownership of self brings forth that acknowledgment and the desire to move on, and the battle that is easier than it sounds, once again perfectly embodied be the beats. Like That is pure dirty pleasure, there's no way around it, and there doesn't need to be. The driving force and seduction is only heightened by the incredible texture of the beats. Dig brings to light the discovery that has been occurring in the previous tracks, the slow awareness of someone new, culminating in the epiphany of a desire for more. The scars of the past are in evidence, and a trepidation for progress exists, but a new innocence has been born, a readiness for the next step. Jeremy's vocal conveys the complexity of emotion with an awe inspiring ease. The acoustic style makes a singular, and perfectly appropriate reappearance in You From Here. The simple breathtaking beauty of this song is absolutely stunning. The vocal performance is flawless and seizes all awareness to channels it into the purity of emotion imparted in the experience of listening to this track. The, once again, haunting personal touch in the transition brings forth the reality of the story of this album, bringing us to the end of that story, or rather, the beginning, in Let It Begin. We've come full circle the the beginning of unity, and the addition of another bewitchingly light set of vocals provided by Chanell #5 seems very fitting. The beauty and trance feel of the track returns us to innocence and the dream state we first encountered at the beginning of the album. The two Brutal Unicorn mixes included in the end of the album, particularly Like That, are pure sex. Wonderful, dirty sex. The design and beat structures are brilliant and incite carnal desire with fervor. Overall, Jeremy Henry has provided us with story that flows with ease and relates his obvious talent and passion. The mixture of styles contains a little something for everyone, and a taste of something different, which only enhances the appeal. -


2009 - Just One Love (Single)
2009 - Saturn in Retrograde: The Death of a Sell-Out Slut
2008 - Like That (EP)
2006 - Bitterly Ever After You
2006 - Selfish Song (EP)



Jeremy has spent a lifetime creating music. His eclectic tastes run from Moatzart to Kid Sister. Expressed through his music is his journey as a musician and a man. His honnest introspection, wide open world view, and ability through song to tell a story set him apart as one of America's most promising new voices. Fun Fact: Jeremy is a Gryffindor.