Jeremy Hollis

Jeremy Hollis


Sounds like a combination of Springsteen, Dylan, G Love, Beck and Todd Snyder


Jeremy Hollis is a local songwriter whose music is influenced by growing up and living in the Philly area. His lyrics evoke nostalgia, humor, and simple pleasures while his rhythmic guitar and bluesy harmonica add the soundtrack for his stories. He is a one-man multimedia experience with a slide show projected behind him. You can expect to see a collection of vintage images that add an element of surprise and comedy as he controls the projector with a foot pedal.


My Jersey Shore concept album is expected to be ready to drop in Feb. of 08.

Set List

Hold My Beer
The 2 for 1 Special
Hillbilly From Philly
Son of a Son of a Fugdy Wudgy Man
Jersey Shore Homesick Blues