Jeremy Lynn Woodall

Jeremy Lynn Woodall



Hi my name is Jeremy and I'm a singer/songwriter/performer from Central Texas. I began my musical endeavors at around 3 years old plunking around on the family piano. My dad played guitar and sang so it wasn't long before I was figuring out chords and humming along. When I was 8 I began to study songbooks. My grandparents were country folks and made sure I received healthy doses of the Grand Ole Opry along the way. One Christmas they gave me the Roy Clark Big Note Songbook. It had stickers you could put on the guitar and that made it really easy to learn for me. I continued to play over the next four years with help from friends and by my junior high years I had a band called WREAK HAVOC. By high school I was joining other bands and learning to work with other kinds of musicians. In high school I joined a band called SUNSET RIOT that played dances and country club parties. SUNSET RIOT played 80's glam metal and hard rock. We wrote songs together and won some radio contests and battle of the bands... typical early band stuff. We changed our name to BLIND WOLFE in 1990 and continued to write and tour. Over the next 7 years, BLIND WOLFE played all over Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee winning radio contests for our original music and opening for bands like Blackfoot, Slaughter, Quiet Riot and many others. We had a good run and made a lot of fans and had a hell of a lot of fun... The band broke up in 1997 and I moved from Little Rock back to Texas. Returning to my roots was a turning point for me because I began playing country music. The switch from rock to country can be painful for some musicians but my grandparents had encouraged me to learn that stuff at an early age. I transitioned fairly quick and picked up a job playing guitar for DIAMONDBACK TEXAS, "the worlds hardest rockin' country band". DIAMONDBACK played four nights a week and kept me busy for the next ten years. We opened for just about everybody famous that came near us and I was lucky enough to be in the band during their most popular era. I continued to write and penned four songs for their 2004 release "Feelin' Whiskey". In June of '05 I went to work playing guitar for country legend BILLY JOE SHAVER. I toured the entire U.S. and U.K. many times and I played on his GREATEST HITS and TRIBUTE CD's along with countless video appearances and DVD's. While I was with Shaver I was able to fulfill my lifetime dream of playing the GRAND OLE OPRY. We played three Opry shows and I got to meet all my favorite Opry stars like Jimmy Dickens and the late great Porter Wagoner. In 2009 I started my own band and released my first solo CD entitled "One Horse Town". Our sound is a cross section of every kind of music I've ever been into; Country, Blues, Rock, Hard Rock and even Metal sometimes. My songs these days reflect a lifetime of playing music and losing everything only to gain it back and lose it again..... My band THE GRINDERS are big fans of my music and it shows in their energy-fueled performances. We are currently recording our new CD and doing some touring to broaden our fan base.... thank you for checking out our page and we hope to see ya soon. Keep Rockin!!!!!


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