Jeremy Lyons & the Deltabilly Boys

Jeremy Lyons & the Deltabilly Boys


Fun, refreshingly energetic, and soulful mix of Delta Blues, Rockabilly and Americana. "Like a cold beer on a warm afternoon." "One of the most mesmerizing slide guitarist on the circuit." "A depth that's oozed up from the grime of the New Orleans Streets." "A real musical gumbo."


The Deltabilly Boys have been a favorite of the Crescent City Music scene for over a decade. Slide guitarist and former French Quarter street singer Jeremy Lyons fronts the group. Greg Schatz (of the Schatzy Band) sings backup and plays stand-up bass, and Paul Santopadre (of the Songdogs and Coco Robicheaux) lays down the drumbeats like only he can. After making a name for themselves at their now legendary monday night Dragon's Den gig, the trio released five albums, toured the US and Europe several times, and played the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival seven consecutive years. Since Hurricane Katrina, Lyons relocated with his family to the Northeast, where he gigs regularly with former mebers of the rock band Morphine. He returns to New Orleans to reunite with his Boys, and to release their long-awaited CD of all original material, "Death of a Street Singer," completed shortly before the flood that drove Lyons from his chosen hometown.


(There's Gonna Be A) Fight At The BBQ Tonight

Written By: Jeremy Lyons

(There’s Gonna Be A) Fight At The BBQ Tonight
by Jeremy Lyons, copyright 1999, published by Five-Eighths Music, BMI

Well I used to live down in New Orleans town with some crazy friends of mine
People come over for a barbeque dinner and drink lots o’ whiskey and wine
Sittin’ in the yard on a sunny afternoon, everybody’d be feelin’ great
But then people’d get loaded and trouble’d get started before it got too late.

I think there’s gonna be a fight
I think there’s gonna be a fight
There’s gonna be a fight at the barbeque tonight.

Well, Mike went and got some good pork ribs, just fifty-nine cents a pound
Boiled them up before he put ‘em on the grill, so we don’t have to wait around
Augie said, “Hey, Miguel, what the hell you tryin’ to do?! You know you got to
slow-cook that pork!”
“I’ll slow-cook you!” Mike said, and turned red, as he poked Augie with a fork.


Mike’s wife got on the negligee, with nothin’ underneath
Sittin’ there, swingin’ her legs wide open, don’t care what nobody sees
Ryan’s sittin’ down just a few feet away, grinnin’ and drinkin’ a brew
Mike says “Hey, my friend, if you move to the left, you get a much better view!”


I went to Augie’s for a Thanksgiving dinner; Augie cooked up a great big ham,
But he’d been up drinking for two nights straight, and he just didn’t give damn
Augie started fussin’, barkin’ and cussin’; the room got very tense
He pulled down the table and stomped on the turkey, as I was jumpin’ over the fence.


(Repeat first verse)


Deltabilly Swing, 1998
Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch, 1999
Live at Fribourg, 2000
Jeremy Lyons & the Deltabilly Boys, 2000
Live at the Dragon's Den, 2003
Death of a Street Singer, 2007

Set List

Jeremy Lyons has a repertoire of over 200 songs. Typical sets range in length from 45 to 90 minutes, including delta blues classics by the likes of Robert Johnsons, Charley Patton and Muddy Waters, country chestnuts by Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, and Merle Haggard, rockers by Link Wray and Bo Diddley, swing and tin pan alley tunes by Fats Waller and Louis Jordan, and cleverly crafted original tunes that run the stylistic gamut.

Worried Life Blues (trad)
Stop Breaking Down (Johnson)
Ostrich Blues (Lyons)
Early In the Morning (Louis Jordan)
Sugar Blues (Clarence Williams)
Let's Give A Party (Howard Armstrong)
Know (Lyons)
There's Gonna Be a Fight at the BBQ Tonight (Lyons)
Waitin For My Baby (Fred McDowell)
Get Rhythm (Cash)
Preachin Blues (Robert Johnson)