Jeremy Melodic

Jeremy Melodic


We're a melodic rock duo, built on the foundation of strong melodies, epic arrangement, and soul-searching lyrics. If it's not built on a strong melody, we don't play it. While our music borders on the technical, we strive to remain accessible to a wide audience.


Jeremy Melodic, a Vancouver BC based group, was formed in early 2008, the long time brain child of Matt Nielsen. A prolific songwriter since his early teens, Matt has a knack for writing material that cuts to the heart of the matter and challenges the individual on a deeper level. Meeting up and rehearsing with drummer Dave Loewen in mid-2007, the old college acquaintances quickly realized they were compatible, both musically and on a personality basis. They continued playing together, seeking out the other missing piece(s), even recording a three-song demo in the process, featuring the work of session bassist Jason McNabb. Still searching for the committed bassist to complete the trio, Jeremy Melodic, fresh to the music scene, is ready to officially kick off their musical career.

Submitting to a local rock station's indie band talent search, they have already made the top 20 out of hundreds of submissions. Though they didn't make it to the next round, due in part to their desire to keep the contest voting honest, they are nevertheless looking for gigs in the Vancouver area NOW, and can make themselves available on short notice.

We are a melody-based, rock duo focused on poignant expression highlighted by dynamic diversity. The emotional intensity of our songs can be confrontative, but ultimately we desire to take you on a deeper journey, behind the facades of everyday life into a deeper realm of the human experience. We use music to ask questions that lead to change, and we try to make our music accessible and catchy to a wide audience of people. Music is the vehicle that highlights the message, and we want that vehicle to be a message in and of itself. Stylistically, we might be compared to 3 Doors Down, The Foo Fighters, or Switchfoot. We're OK with that.


A Part of You Remains

Written By: Matt Nielsen; Dave Loewen

Breathing in the cancer,
Looking for a fight
You've been drifting in a numbness that sedates your tired mind
Why do you believe the lies?
I don't know, I don't know
And you've seen an ugly witness in the court of lonely hearts
But the freedom that you're choosing only tears your soul apart
Deep inside your heart, you're wise
And you know, yeah, you know

What they said would bring you pleasure has only brought more pain
What they said would make you better
Only made you sick again
What they say won't last forever,
But a part of you remains,
A part of you remains

You've been holding in your sorrow,
Been trying not to cry
With the words you say your mouth betrays the turmoil in your eyes
And my heart is asking why
But I don't know, I don't know
And you know there's something better
Yes, your heart tells you it's true
But you're clinging to your brokenness 'cause it's all you ever knew
Deep inside your heart, it cries
And you know, yeah, you know...

And I see the loneliness inside,
Hurt behind your smile
And I see the fleeting highs you choose,
Last so short a while
And there is a love that burns for you, but I watch you pass it by
Understand these aren't my own tears that I cry


Written By: Matt Nielsen; Dave Loewen

Deep inside, turmoil hides,
Afraid to rear its ugly head
Deep within, hidden sin
Tries to hold me, keep me dead

In your eyes, no disguise,
I find life and love again
I find you something true
Depth that’s so unknown to men

In all the toils, I’m not alone
Such great love I have been shown

Are you empty, are you lost?
Dangling from the cliffs of hope
You my friend, I understand
See the truth here, take this rope
And climb away

Are you scared, unprepared
As sorrows heap upon your head
Is life for you shades of blue
Do you cry there on your bed

In all the toils, we’ve left our home
And now’s the time for love to show

But we’re a people without love
With hearts like mountains just to move
Oh, forgive us for this sin
We will stand with love to prove
Or die away

Are you empty, are you lost,
Dangling from the cliffs of hope
You, my friend, I understand
See the truth here take this rope
And climb away

The Day Awaits You

Written By: Matt Nielsen; Steve Klinger

Gaze into the coming storm, and ponder as the black clouds form
Where will strength be found to meet the need?
Courage wanes beneath this shade, but trace amounts of hope remain
Still a flower grows among these weeds, these weeds

The day awaits you…

Gaze into the looking glass, don’t be defined by failures past
Mercy’s agents never act in vain
Trace the lines of love’s behavior, enemies becoming neighbors
Letting justice flow from tears of pain

The day awaits you, don’t let it fall
They underestimate you and who you are
Listening to voices here inside my head and in my heart,
Is it gonna make you, or is it gonna break the man you are

With a heart full of dreams, now my hands find the means
All the turmoil on these slopes will soon erode

The day awaits you, don’t let it fall
They underestimate you and who you are
Listening to voices here inside my head and in my heart
Is it gonna make you, or is it gonna break the man you are
Is it gonna make you, or is it gonna break the man you are


'A Part of You Remains'
'The Day Awaits You'

Set List

Our typical setlist would range from 5-12 songs, all original material. 30-60 minute sets are available. We don't do covers unless explicitly requested.

A typical setlist might include these original songs:
'A Part of You Remains'
'These Pills'
'Against Me'
'Something in the Air'
'Nothing Sacred'
'The Day Awaits You'
'All the Difference'
'I Say Farewell'