Jeremy Michael Mueller

Jeremy Michael Mueller

 Eugene, Oregon, USA


After traveling through 12 countries and several states with his backpack, a guitar, and a few harmonicas Jeremy Michael Mueller washed up in Eugene Oregon and found a home in the Whiteaker District. With about one hundred songs written and thousands of pages of raw journaling to draw from he is currently writing a travel narrative/memoir and recording a four-album soundtrack of his original songs for the forthcoming book.

By linking music and literature together into one vast and yet cohesive art form he seeks to portray the world with honest sincerity, in all its splendor and depravity, as he has seen and experienced it. From inside the shed that serves as his makeshift studio he records his music on obsolete equipment with what instruments he has managed to acquire, every part played by his own hand, every word written on paper with scrolling pen, a conductor of memory, a seeker of beauty, and an advocate for authenticity.

Using acoustic guitar, banjo, dobro, harmonica, piano, pedal steel, violin, and mandolin along with sparse percussion he achieves a natural sound which lends itself to the very human and often transcendent themes conveyed. This is music flowing from true experience, reverberations created out of what might be called necessity by the artist.

Set List

Five to Ten songs.
20 minutes to 45