Jeremy Miller

Jeremy Miller

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Jeremy Miller is a retired professional bull rider. He has retained all the energy the bulls gave to throw him. Now that energy is being released on stage. From country to southern rock to classic rock, he does it all with energy and passion like few performers that are on stage today.


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There’s no denying Jeremy Miller’s no lose attitude will take him straight to the top of success. From his life long love affair with music to his die-hard passion for bull riding, you won’t find this cowboy accepting anything less than first place. As a young boy born and raised on Ohio, Miller could be found making his mark singing in the church choir, . Miller began breaking racehorses at 14 years old, which would become the road that would lead him to a career in bull-riding. During this exciting time in his life, Miller’s passion for music ran deep.
From blasting Chris Ledoux on the radio to pump up for a rodeo, to performing around the campfire with friends and family, there was no extinguishing his burn to pursue a career in music. But it wouldn’t be until 2007 where Miller would get ready to tie up for the ride. Two serious scull fractures stemmed a tumor, which would lead to Miller’s retirement from bull riding. Thankful to be alive, and one successful tumor surgery later, Jeremy realized that it was time to head to Nashville to accomplish his own true dream. Three days after his tumor removal surgery, Miller packed up his belongings and headed down to Music City. Today, Miller has been in Nashville for under a year and has already made his mark. Within a few short months in town, Jeremy has made connections that people strive to make their whole career. With Earning his way through the first round of Nashville Star, and earning the title as Carolina’s Ultimate Cowboy, his talent, his personable manor, friendliness, kindness and wit have caused people to fall in love with his charm. Jeremy Miller is looking to take the next steps toward accomplishing his goals.


Single "8 Seconds At A Time"

Single "His Last Ride"

Both singles are available on Itunes, Cdbaby,Amazon and numerous other internet retail outlets. They are also streaming at various sites.

Both singles are played on a syndicated radio program "New Legends Of Country" and on am/fm stations around the world.

EP "Falling Forward" to be released in March 2011.

Set List

Originals as well as 100s of cover songs from most genres.
Country music is the first choice, but all songs are adaptable to surroundings and area