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Jeremy Miller Band



40's, high heels, strippers and love songs.


The Stripper Song?

Written By: Jeremy Miller

I see nice nails, manicured nails
Imposture perfume, baby oil too
High heeled shoes, slippery pole
Take off your clothes

I want some stripper ass in my face
I want to throw dollars on the stage
I want some stripper ass in my face
They wanna' get paid

No private dance, don't sit on my lap
Is mommy ok, is daddy ashamed
Feelin' a fool, makin' me drool
Are you paying for school?

Far Away

Written By: Jeremy Miller Band

I'm so out of it
I'm such a mess
I made an as of myself
I blew my Chance

We both had way too much
The night brought no such luck
Drink were flowing
With anger you're throwing

You sleep so far away
You sleep so far away from me
I leave momentarily
But you don't move any closer to me

So High

Written By: Jeremy Miller

I'll wait for you to call
I'll sit next to the phone
Time to kill
I'll drink alone

Building my hopes so high
Bringin' down so low
Fool me fool me
I'm a sucker for sorry

A stones throw from where you are
A near hit
Where have you gone
Turning in circles,
Running in place
I'll wait

Take Off Those Heels

Written By: Jeremy Miller

Flew into town to this miserable weather
I'm so naive that I thought you'd make it better
I should have known that you wouldn't be so easy
I fooled myself into thinking we would get together

How did you get so taller than me?
Oh honey take off those heels
You've got to pay some attention to me
I've fallen down on my knees

What a broken hearted plane ride I had suffered
Checked my message for the truce you might have offered
So traumatic how history repeated
I’m feeling so much younger, awkward and defeated

I can’t believe it, here I am chasing
It’s like I’m stuck in 5th grade
I can’t believe it, this town is always the same

How did you get to taller than me?
Honey take off those heels
You've got to pay some attention to me
I've fallen down on my knees


Jeremy Miller-Good To Have

Set List

All songs written by Jeremy Miller © 2008

Good to Have
So High
Far Away
Going Home
Find My Way
Sacred Baby
Dollars On The Stage
One That I Want

Sets are 45 minutes to an hour.