Jeremy Moore

Jeremy Moore


RainDown Records artist Jeremy Moore blends smooth melodies over piano based rhythms that will touch the very depth of your soul. Often compared to Michael W. Smith, Jeremy's songs will create a longing in your heart to draw in to a closer walk with God.


Life can be so overwhelming. It comes at you so fast and it seems like the roller coaster will never slow down. In the midst of all the hectic schedules and confusions that are brought out daily, God is patiently waiting right in the middle of it all. He is waiting for us just to slow down and spend time with Him.

This was the idea behind Jeremy's new acoustic based album - Simplified. An album defined by strong lyrics and music that, even though very stripped down, will open your heart and touch your soul. The message of the album is very simple: "We need to just stop for a second and take stock. We need to simplify our lives and get back to those things that are really important - and that's our relationship with God."

Growing up in the mountains of North Carolina , in the heart of the Bible belt, Jeremy learned early the importance of having a strong walk with God. His parents taught him about God and about God's love and it wasn't long before he experienced God in a unique way. Jeremy had his first of four eye surgeries when he was only 5 years old. A few years after that he completely lost the sight in his right eye. While doctors began to speculate that he would never regain the vision in that eye God had other plans, and just like all the miracles he had read about in the Bible, God performed another and gave sight back to him. "God is so awesome and amazing. I was too young to really understand what all was going on and I think that everything I went though helped give me so much patience. It is very awesome to look back on that because of everything that was going on all over the world and of everyone who needed Him at that moment; He still had time for me." Jeremy learned this lesson again at age 15 when an operation had to be performed on his spine. Another event where God showed His power and love and once again drew Jeremy closer.

For almost 13 years now Jeremy has been writing and performing, and at 28 he has a fresh outlook on life. He took some time off and in October 2004 he was married. He looks at things a little differently now, but his message is still the same. Jesus. It's as "simplified" as that. That’s the true message of his second release. With an open heart, he pours out the very center of his faith and longing of a better place. The entire lineup of songs on this album show that no matter how broken or how lost you feel, you are not alone. God has been, and will be, there every step of the way.


Crazy Times - 1999 - Sweetsonic Records
Simplified - 2006 - RainDown Records

Set List

Jeremy's typical set will run from 30 min. to 1 hour and 15 min. depending on the type of show and will include a mix of CCM, P & W, and testimony.