Jeremy Plays Guitar

Jeremy Plays Guitar

 New York City, New York, USA

What do you get when combining catchy, rock/pop music with lyrics that help children to express themselves? Jeremy Plays Guitar! The new album by Jeremy Plays Guitar, Use Your Words, winner of a Parent's Choice and NAPPA awards, captures the attention of kids and grownups alike!


Just when you thought nothing new was happening in the indie family music scene, you are rocked by Jeremy Plays Guitar! Combining rock, pop and jazz music with kid-inspired lyrics, Jeremy Plays Guitar has created an innovative and fun way to reach kids through music. Who says an inspired groove can’t also help kids learn? Not Jeremy Zmuda. “All children are musical and kids’ natural fascination with singing and dancing is an amazing tool that has not been fully utilized.” Until now.

Jeremy Zmuda was born into a family of children’s educators in Long Beach, Indiana where he began his love affair with Hendrix, cruising to public radio, and the guitar. He cut his teeth at Chicago’s Columbia College, developing his taste for Jazz guitar. In 1993, he was awarded a scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston where he graduated with honors in Jazz performance and music education. After accepting a coveted teaching position at Berklee College of Music and performing in Boston for several years, he decided to make the move to NYC in 2004. Immediately his musical world “grew beyond his imagination.”

At this time, Jeremy began developing music for early childhood education programs including The Maple Street School in Brooklyn, the Roosevelt Island Nursery School, his own theme based music camps in Brooklyn, and as a consultant for Sesame Street. Additionally, he created an original music program for young children and their parents entitled ‘Music Time Kids’ to enhance children’s inherent musical abilities. Though Jeremy continued to perform and write music for adults including earning the prestigious grand prize award in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for his composition, “On Standby,” he continued to be drawn to writing and performing music for children. Inspired by the many children that he worked with through preschool programs and privately, he collaborated with Clare Manchon (Clare and The Reasons) to create the critically acclaimed album, Songs in the Key of New York. This thoughtful CD met with rave reviews both for the music and the lyrics. It successfully celebrates the five boroughs in a “cool, jazzy poise” that also gives the kids of NYC a way to talk, learn and sing about their environment. The result is a catchy, melodious and original collection that speaks to kids and adults alike.

From there, Jeremy could no longer deny his gift for creating a magical musical experience that secretly teaches kids how to negotiate their environment through singing and dancing. He teamed up with early childhood specialist Lizzie Bicknell to form Jeremy Plays Guitar and has collaborated with musicians from diverse musical roots to create his newest album, Use Your Words, focusing on giving children language and strategies to navigate the everyday challenges of childhood in today’s world.


• End Of An Era (2007)
• Songs in the Key of New York (2008)
• Use Your Words (September 28, 2010)

Set List

Jeremy Plays Guitar
SAMPLE Interactive Set List

Jeremy Plays Guitar gets kids, (and grown-ups alike), to play along! Our performance engages children to sing along, dance along, jump along, laugh along, and learn along. We have created a new genre of children’s music that we call ‘kindie-cational’ – smart, catchy music that secretly teaches kids! Here is an example of a Jeremy Plays Guitar show:

1. Your Turn, My Turn
A calypso inspired tune that has an easily learned chorus that kids can sing along with and speaks to them about the ever-challenging concept of sharing!

2. Say Hello
A sweet song about, well, how to say hello! Kids will act out the strategies of a greeting like waving, making eye contact, smiling at one another and shaking hands with the person next to them. This song will stay with kids and help them when they are feeling shy or scared of saying hello to someone new. *A full video projection of the song accompanies this number with fully illustr