Jeremy Randolph

Jeremy Randolph


Commercial rock with injected prog rock, spoken word, and melody themes.


Jeremy Randolph teamed up with Nashville producer Dutch (Crowd of One, Dharma Sons) to create this mix of progressive alternative rock. Injected with spoken word and headphones only compositions, the album submerges the listener in its beautifully produced tale of loss and redemption.

Produced by Jeremy and Dutch, Lost Seasons was written and recorded over a sixteen month period beginning in the summer of 2004. “The whole album is a story,” says Jeremy. “I hate calling it a concept record, because I feel the songs stand well on their own, but if you listen to the progression from the first realization of loss in ‘Imprint’ to the desperation of ‘Shades of Blue’ you see that not only is the album a listening experience, it’s telling a story as well. I felt it was important for the music to mean something and coming from a writing background, I approached this project with the story in mind. It gives the listener a tangible link to the helplessness and the drawn out movement many of the themes in the album are meant to convey. There is a lot going on in this record, from the lyric to the keyboards and each element contained is there for a reason, to lend a roadmap as it were, to the direction of the record.

Someone once asked me, what is “Lost Seasons”, and while it would be easy to say a story of loss, its more than that, it’s a metaphor for the time between the loss of a thing, and the realization that you have changed enough to move beyond it. When you lose someone for example, there is a period or mourning, a time when you are not yourself, when you are searching for a way back to normalcy. That time is a Lost Season.”

Jeremy has been playing in bands since the early nineties, songwriting and singing, writing novels, his first, CIRCA, was released in 2002 with KINGDOM following in 2006.

Lost Seasons is available December 2005.


Ghosts of You and Me

Written By: Jeremy Randolph

Woke up this morning
to an empty bed.
"It's the casualties of love" she said.
but I don't really remember,
It's in the songs I sing
and the world without you
didn't mean anything.

A life full of wonder.
A life full of pain.
Your laughter haunts the thoughts
I'm trying to keep away.

Bring me some rainbows
and put them way up high
and don't forget to tell me
that I could never fly.

Catch me baby,
I think I'm falling down.
Every time I called you up
you never wanted me around.

Verse 2:
It was always like this,
Simple reminders of
the way we used to be.

A life full of wonder.
A life full of pride.
A life full of what is now
killing me inside.

Bring me some flowers
and lay them at my feet.
Look at me like you used to do
before we both got weak.

And don't forget the things
I always wanted you to say,
I don't care what you do
I will love you anyway.

Verse 3:
So here we are now
on the edge of time
With the words between us
painting pictures in my mind.

You said hold onto
everything you ever loved
and don't forget the times
that you couldn't get enough.

Because it's a problem
when you're my friend
And all the things your running from are gonna catch you in the end.

Bring me tomorrow
without a thought of yesterday.
The only thing I wanted
was for us to stay that way.

And don't forget the things
they always wanted you to be.
Because all that's left here
is the ghosts of me and you.


Lost Seasons (2005)

Set List

Ghosts of You and Me
The Rising Sun
Shades of Blue
A Longing
Wednesday Rains
Seven To Dusk
the Interiors
A Sense of