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"Jollymon Jamba"

Venue- DC Improv, Washington D.C.

That's right last night I went and saw Charlie Murphy from Chappelle's show fame. Good shit. Some how I ended up sitting in the front row right next to the stage so I could see exactly what was about to transpire and was in prime location to get made fun of.

I went with some roomies to the show and we were sitting at the front 4 white guys - I thought we were going to get ribbed with some Brokeback jokes - especially after we made the mistake of ordering Long Islands that came in the fruitiest glass of all time, we all chugged to get rid of the evidence before the show started and virtually ensure a good ribbing.

the show opened with a local guy as the emcee. I dont remember his name other than the fact that he was 6 foot 5, and 350 pounds, easy. Funny guy, but being that I was sitting directly next to the stage I didnt want to see any accidents and have trip on the stage and injure me and a few other innocent bystanders.

The true opening act is this young and very up and coming comic who had the entire place rolling the entire time. Jeremy Schacter was phenomenal, he had great delivery and really good relevant material. A good example of a joke of his is if you say "Fuck Rice Cakes it sounds like For Christ Sakes, so if you're really religous you can just announce your hatred of rice cakes rather than damning yourself to hell." (schachter note: that's a misquote but he gets the jist.) Try it... it works, If he comes anywhere near you make a point to see him before he becomes too big and his ticket price goes waaaay up. I want to kick your puppy... (see the show to get that joke)

The headliner, Charlie Murphy, honestly was a little over shadowed by the hillarity of Jeremy, but nonetheless a very funny cat that basically just told stories as his act, very, very funny stories. Imagine like an hour long version of Chappelle's Show True Hollywood Stories but live and funnier - but no Dave Chappelle to act out the main character. Topics ranged from 9/11 to ball collapse at Rick James's house. We even got to hear about how he loves being Charlie Murphy now, because for 17 years he was Eddie Murphy's brother.

All in all a very good show!!! - Jollymon Jamba


First in Stand-Up Comedy
Venue- Hollywood Improv, Los Angeles, CA

The showcase's fastest rising star, Jeremy Schachter, closed the night, fresh off of his performances that made him best stand- up at the 2005 Dallas Comedy Festival and at the D.C. Improv contest. Schachter, who has opened for some of comedy's biggest stars including Chris Rock, David Spade, and Dave Attell, has star appeal, due in no small part to his seemingly perfect mix of clever quips and physical comedy. Schachter is a non-stop riot that had the audience rolling before he hit his first punchline. Make sure to pay attention to his bit about rice-cakes - hilarious! Schachter is one of those comics that fans want to catch as soon as possible so they can later brag to their friends that they were first to see him perform before he became a star. Better hurry up as Schachter is on the fast track to blowing up. -


Venue- University of Delaware

The laughter of approximately 150 students was nonstop during the Coffeehouse Series Tuesday night in Perkins Student Center. The major issues incorporated into the show revolved around college themes, including roommate issues, sweatpants and poker on television. Sitting in the Scrounge, Jeremy Schachter, a 24-year-old-comedian from New York, could easily be mistaken for a university student. Adorned in jeans, a polo shirt and a Yankees baseball cap, he said he began doing stand-up after college. "My friend was like 'dude you should get a job in a comedy club waiting tables'," Schachter said. The lack of a structured schedule is both the best thing and the worst thing about being in the comedy industry, he said. "I have no structure in my life," Schachter said. "Like my friends have these jobs where they wake up in the morning and they have to go to work. It blows my mind." Through a combination of different voices and a scenario that included describing old jobs such as dog walking and dishwashing, Schachter had the audience in hysterics for the full hour he was onstage. Comedian Andy Hendrickson opened the show with a half-hour routine. "Don't get the flu shot," he said. "It's the only time where you can take a week off of class and work, sleep 18 hours a day, lose weight, hallucinate and watch 'The Price is Right'." Hendrickson also poked fun at UD..1 cards and the techno music selection in the Scrounge. Freshmen Stephanie Combs and Jennifer Eichholz said they are regulars at the Coffeehouse series. "I liked having two comedians," Combs said. "It gave the audience a variety." Eichholz said her favorite comedian of the two was Schachter. "Just his laugh and the different voices he made was so funny," Eichholz said. Schachter and Hendrickson both said they enjoyed the event's audience. "I think the audience had a good time," Schachter said. "That's because I paid them all five bucks to disperse amongst them." - By: Katrina Mitzeliotis


Jeremy's debut Comedy CD "Please Wash Your Hair" enjoys regular airplay on both XM and Sirius Satellite Radio.



Jeremy Schachter has been performing in some capacity for the last 7 years. In that time he has attained national recognition as one of America's hottest young standups by headlining clubs and colleges across the country. At only 26, he made his debut on Comedy Central, Spike TV, and the Discovery Channel all this year. You can hear him weekly on his radio show the Schachter Factor on Cringe Humor Radio, or you can catch his sketch comedy group performing around the city. Come see Jeremy now while it doesn't cost much, because next time it will cost you your life.