Jeremy Serwer

Jeremy Serwer

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Bitter Sweet Ballads from the Nether world. Songs for people who enjoy, nick drake, Richard Buckner, Elliott Smith and Archer Prewitt. Moody and soulful, politically charged at times.


“Bitter Sweet Ballads from The Nether World” states Angela Yeager of Salem Oregon’s Statesman Journal, a description as good as any other for the Sound of Jeremy Serwer. Jeremy’s songs are a meandering journey through Americana, angst, sorrow and disenchantment with US social policy. KINK Radio in Portland says this about Jeremy, “His songs run the gamut from emotionally charged heartbreakers to pointed political statements. His ability to generate emotion in an audience is testament to his songwriting expertise and a powerful bluesy expressive delivery.” Jeremy is not stranger to the road having embarked on several Jaunts about the US and has also performed around South Korea. Jeremy has been active in these bands Rich Man’s Burden, Seashell Radio, Acoustic Minds and Thistle. He has accompanied Songwriter/performer veteran Anne Weiss and worked in recording and live performances with Eric Pollard(Low, Retribution Gospel Choir, Sun Kil Moon) Skip Von Kuske(Portland Cello Project, M. Ward, Vagabond Opera) Jimi Cooper(Dukes of Hubbard, No Wait Wait, The Fractals) Craig Koozer(Skiploader, Fleeting Trance) and many others. “FM” Jeremy’s latest release is a portrait of a nine year existence in Portland’s ebb and flow musical aura. Jeremy called on a few of his close musical compatriots to lend their talents to this very personal musical diary, including Ali Ippolito(Heroes and Villains, When the Broken Bow, Mr Fredrick) Chris Chard(Rye Hollow, Kerosene Dream, Acoustic Minds, Keegan Smith) Jenni and Amanda Price(Acoustic Minds and too many Portland Bands to mention), Jim Ragland aka Slim Chanse and The biggest part of making FM possible was producer engineer Adara Blake(Opticollide, Ink Petal) she lent her hours and art in more ways then can be possibly imagined. Jeremy currently resides in Seattle WA, and is hard at work with producer Michael Connolly on his second solo CD entitled “Roads” and album he will be dedicating to his mother and her very mysterious passing. Here are further press testimonials for Jeremy Serwer. Belting out gutsy original music is exactly what musicians are supposed to do. It is in his ability to generate emotion in an audience that Portland’s Jeremy Serwer begins his deviation from the norm. Serwer’s songs build on a dynamic range of emotions and energy. Explosive and intense to light hearted and fun, his music presents an array of atmospheres that are difficult to pigeonhole. When asked, Serwer confesses it is tricky classifying his music but that he considers AAA as a reasonable genre to place it in or possibly Political Adult Contemporary. However, over time a variety of other colorful descriptions have emerged from the press like Defiant Nocturnal Songs and Traditional Macabre, making light of an obvious dark thread that is apparent in either the structure or lyrics of Serwer’s music Fran Grey Portland Music Central. Folk Imbued Wisdom With Extra Blue Eyed Soul." The Willamette Weekly Portland OR “Defiant Nocturnal Songs." The Ripsaw, Duluth MN. "Iron Fist in Velvet Glove" "D" Magazine Dallas TX Live radio performances



Written By: Jeremy Serwer

Early Morning Grey sky's falling she wakes slowly coffee pouring free a match now cigarette ash how quickly life will pass you by

She still dreams of a past that past you by and she still tries to balance what is wrong with what is right

Clock keeps ticking she is wishing that this time would pass her by smears her make up she wont give up, tragedy now ket on ice

repeat first verse

Dirty Entity

Written By: Jeremy Serwer

Irreverent son born in Ohio wicked pranks for the family of love unsteady mind no it wont find love but the art they make should be beautiful enough

God of love sweet love where are you lord when I needed you most there's a Dirty Entity in the room with me, its befouled my site and my soul

in my time i have penned for the best little known by all the rest if you could only seal the demons of my chest, little known by ll the rest


Oh this crown wont rest easy on this head full of thorns the salt of the earth is the salt of my mood is the salt of my wounds oh...

I'll come at large release inside with an angels heart and the devils sites. you pray for me but it dont do no good the art they make should be beautiful enough


2008 release "FM" 4 songs on myspace. "Roads" and "FaceDown" released june and august 2010 on CD Baby, I tunes and many other sites for download or Physical copies purchase.

Set List

I usually play anywhere from three songs to three hours. I combine a majority of originals with select covers dependent upon the environment. If I play a winery, gallery or fine dining establishment I will choose jazzier or more folk related songs. Bars and louder shows are also more aptly prepared for song wise. I make changes on the fly to best suit my audience.