Jeremy Shenk

Jeremy Shenk


I am a solo artist dedicated to conveying the emotion of my song topics through my music. I am throughly convinced that Christ uses music for his glory and I'm just a tool in doing so.


My names Jeremy Shenk. I am the lead guitar player of "Neverfade" a Christian rock band from Central Pa. I've been playing guitar for only around four years but have easily excelled in my abilty. I have been singing for two years and have learned much from Neverfade's lead singer Zac Johnson. Everything I do in music conveys an emotion I am in or have been in, it is a universal language. This past summer I recorded my first CD titled "Melt". It is now on iTunes and a few other music stores. I am in the process of recording my second CD "Closer" but I am taking more time to make this one so I can put my whole heart into it! My songs are very personal dealing with times of hurt, joy, peace, and every emotion in-between. I have many influences, but a few of the most influential artists/bands are: Switchfoot, Jon Foreman, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Phil Wickham, U2, Phillip Larue, and Zac Johnson.


I have one CD out titled "Melt"

Set List

My sets can be anywhere from 20 mins to an hour and a half. My usual set contains the following original and cover songs:
1. 14 days
2. No pretendin'
3. Broken
4. Breaking down
5. Slow dancing
6. True Love (cover)
7. Your love is strong (cover)
8. The story won't end
9. Always there
10. Clay people