Jeremy Shier - Acoustitronica

Jeremy Shier - Acoustitronica


The self titled production fuses together captivating acoustic guitar melodies and transitional overdubbed loops to form a new age symphany that transitions between acoustic guitar melodies and electronic trance.


Being influenced heavily by the jam world but losing his University band after graduation, Jeremy took the initiative to create a solo project to keep his feet wet during a transitional period of searching for new musicians to play with. After hours and months of planning, preparing, writing, booking, and playing shows, the solo project was one that Jeremy could not put aside. In live performance's Jeremy fuses together acoustic melodies, with transitional looped jams creating a symphony of music, which one could only assume their was a full band on stage with him.


New Style

Written By: Jeremy Shier

I Know the things I've missed
& sometimes I get pissed off
at the miseries that I bare.

& I Know its all my fault,
decisions come to hault,
but it is still so unfair.

these times are changing
here's for rearranging,
don't wait 'till you get old.
my mind is unfolding,
I'm no longer holding,
to what I've been told.

Hey, listen to what I say,
protect yourself today,
because trend setters lead the way.

Act, on the passions that you feel,
don't hesitate to reveal,
and all your wounds will heal.

Mysteries of the Mind

Written By: Jeremy Shier

Finding one reality to the next,
visual forms I cannot detect.
Fictional formations from our minds,
mental realities create rhymes.
Loops and holes that can pass through,
finding things you can normally do,
and yet no motions create moves.
Falling down to unknown depths,
bouncing back to take another breath.
and in my mind, it seems so real, then I wake up and can no longer feel.

Minds are made up of mysteries,
whose path you aren't meant to see.
Prescribes illusions do not work,
not even LSD.
Timothy Leary will only find,
that nothing will come out down the line.
A man through himself out of the window, he does not bounce back, history shows.


Written By: Jeremy Shier

I'm so afraid.

You find out what you need,
when you find out what you want,
when you want is not what you find,
except the mysteries of your mind.


Jeremy's first LP is Passions for True Fantasies, which can be found at any performance he plays. Many live performances can be heard and downloaded at

Set List

Jeremy Shier's sets have had a great amount of variety, going from playing as short as only a half an hour set to 2 seperate hour long set. A few of his favourite songs to play currently are Fiddleton's Choir, Mysteries of the Mind -> Afraid, Breakdown, Go Home, Waves, and many more. Jeremy will throw in a cover or two once in a while depending on the set (e.g. Fiddleton's Choir often has an interlude with Funkadelic's guitar masterpiece Maggot Brain).