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Tampa, Florida, United States | SELF

Tampa, Florida, United States | SELF
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"Zac Nottingham"

Jeremy’s musical ability and heart for worship is only eclipsed by his passion to serve and be obedient to God. Jeremy's approach to worship is fresh and vibrant and HE LEADS PEOPLE IN THE WORSHIP OF OUR GOD. Jeremy and his group came into our youth group, where no one had heard him before and halfway through the first song every arm was raised and every voice was singing our God’s praises. His passion for serving the church has personally inspired me and I can honestly say, year after year I work with many artists and worship leaders that come through our church but Jeremy is the only one I keep in touch with, pray with, talk to on a regular basis, and call a friend. We are excited to have him back again, this time to lead worship for our Sunday services, and are looking forward to see his ministry grow.
- Administrator, Calvary Chapel Tallahassee

"Chris Cahall"

Jeremy Vanderloop is a personal friend with an incredible heart for the Lord and amazing top notch musical talent. He has both led worship & played concert type sets for our church & each time the presence of the Lord was evident & our people left feeling energized & encouraged. A common question at my church: "when is Jeremy coming back?"
Chris Cahall, St Pete Vineyard Lead Pastor - St. Pete Vineyard

"David Surratt"

Real, relational and energetic! Jeremy connects well with others, points people to Jesus and loves them wherever they are in life. - First Baptist Church Dade City, FL

"A look at one of Tampa's most promising Christian musicians"

Jeremy Vanderloop Article
Music for His Glory, Overflow Magazine

By Amanda Wright

A young man of 23, Jeremy Vanderloop is more than just an emerging Christian artist that you should be on the lookout for. He is an inspired musician and songwriter that genuinely has a heart for helping others, especially orphans and needy people. Jeremy’s desire to help them goes far beyond any religious sense of duty. His personal mission statement is "Love the unlovable, reach the unreachable, and touch the untouchable." Jeremy is a voice of encouragement to the church and those hurting alike, and his music is just the beginning. He graciously sat down with Overflow to candidly share his humble launch into the world of Christian music three years ago and how God has provided through it all. Armed with a supernatural ability and a passionate love for Jesus Christ, Jeremy is using his musical talent to give glory to God and unite the Body of Christ.

Learning God's Melody

Jeremy accepted Christ at the tender age of three but rededicated himself at fourteen with a real understanding of his relationship with Jesus. When he was sixteen, his parents split up. Yet, he chose to keep his focus on Jesus Christ, which only grew his passion for sharing the Gospel. Jeremy and his friends would go to the movie theater on the weekends to share Jesus with others. He would talk to people while his friend sang and played the guitar. This sparked something deep within Jeremy. He said, "I had this desire in my heart to play music in regards to preaching the Gospel. So I said, 'Jesus, I want to play instruments for Your glory.'" Jeremy confessed that he couldn't hold a steady beat before he said this prayer. Within four months, however, he miraculously learned how to play several different instruments, including the guitar, piano, bass, drums, and other percussion instruments.

Equipped with a pure desire to serve God, Jeremy took piano, guitar, and music theory his senior year in high school. Add in two additional weeks of voice lessons, and that is the sum total of Jeremy's formal training. God supernaturally gifted him with the ability to understand music theory in a very short period of time. Music theory analyzes patterns in music and studies the fundamental elements of harmony, melody, structure, rhythm, and form. Jeremy admitted, "I really write [music] by theory because I don't have much of an ear."

During this time of growing and learning, Jeremy spent countless hours each day with the Lord at a place called the House of Prayer in Largo. This was his place for worship where he played his guitar and sang. "It was a very intimate time between me and God," Jeremy recalled. God was developing Jeremy into a musical artist with a solid foundation. There, in his quiet place, the Lord prepared Jeremy for his career and ministry.

Loving in Africa

After high school, Jeremy was led to look up the name of Heidi Baker. He found out that she runs Iris Ministries in Mozambique, Africa. The ministry has a three-month program called the Harvest School of Missions. "God spoke to my heart to apply for their October schooling," he said. Jeremy traveled thousands of miles from the comforts of home to live among 300 orphans and other missionary students while attending classes. God told him, "I sent you here to learn how to love more." Jeremy explained, "That was the sole purpose of me going - to learn His love more. [He wanted me to see] what it looked like to love the unlovable, the broken, and the poor and to live with the people there and sit in the dirt with them, to cry with them, and to pray with them."

So Jeremy began spending time with the local children or "street swindlers," as he light-heartedly called them. They refer to themselves as "businessmen," Jeremy explained. "Their job was to rip off missionaries" by overcharging them for their goods. Jeremy wanted to get to know these kids, gain their trust, and change their perception about missionaries. In order to appeal to them on their level and turn their focus from their “job” of swindling, he would leave his wallet behind and hang out with them at local restaurants. They would share their meals with him and trade stories. Jeremy learned what it was like for them to live in such an impoverished country with no parents to help them. So, instead of buying an overpriced bag of rice from one 12-year-old boy, Jeremy paid him to help clean up the compound where he was living. Afterwards, the boy brought Jeremy back to his mud hut where he and his little sister lived. It changed Jeremy’s life forever. "The living situations were horrible, and I remember my heart wrenched. That is where my passion for the orphans and needy really grew," he said.

Another experience in Africa really impacted Jeremy's life: his brush with death. He explained that he was talking with some Muslim people in the village outside the ministry's compound. They brought up Islam, and then Jeremy started talking about Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. One of the men became angry with him and pulled out a knife. The man threatened Jeremy's life if he didn't stop talking about Jesus. "I felt the peace of God in me, and it felt like Heaven. Philippians 1:21 came to me, ‘to live is Christ, and to die is gain,’” Jeremy said. He went on to explain that he knew he would go to Heaven if he was to die right then, but the Muslim guys standing in front of him would not.

Jeremy continued, "I felt at peace and looked past my own life. I really felt the passion of God [flowing through me]. I felt what Christ saw in them, so I kept preaching the Gospel.” The man with the knife appeared to contemplate whether to stab him or not, but ended up walking away. The Holy Spirit moved and the remaining six men received Christ right there. "What they noticed wasn't someone willing to die for his faith, but someone willing to die for them. I believe they saw the love that was in my heart for them," Jeremy said. And so, he accomplished what God set out for him to do in Africa—he learned to love more and more than his own life.

Tuning in to God's Love

After Jeremy's parents divorced, his father fell into a dark place and became addicted to crack cocaine. Jeremy visited him at the crack house he was living in; he felt compassion for his father and the other people there—all dependent on that drug. He spent time at the house on a regular basis, being kind to these people, before he even shared Jesus with them. Then, God led Jeremy into a 90-day fast from playing on the stage anywhere. He explained that at this point in his musical career, he had become known as “the musician that you could call” because he picked up songs quickly and could play so many instruments. But, Jeremy knew God had another plan for him. This fast from performing allowed God to groom Jeremy into a singer and songwriter as well.

During the 90 days, God told Jeremy to play for the people at the crack house where his father resided. He remembers being so excited just to play for someone. "I'm playing my guitar and I do this whole concert for these ‘unlovable’ people that no one wanted. I just started ministering the Gospel during the music," Jeremy said. When he was done, these people were hitting their knees and crying out to God. Jeremy ministered to them and told them about Christ. He loved a group of people that society had cast aside because of their addictions. "A week later my dad was in recovery and off drugs," Jeremy shared. He had learned to "stop for the unwanted and love the unlovable." Jeremy truly discovered how to relate to Jesus' ministry when He walked this earth. God taught Jeremy His kind of love and how to share it.

Songs of Faith

When Jeremy finished his 90-day fast, he received a call from a friend in Nashville, who offered to fly him in to record his first demo. Just the year before, Jeremy was walking into a college for a placement test, planning to become a doctor. But, God stopped him and said, "Turn around. I don't want you to come back here. I am calling you into music." The voice was unmistakable back then and now the phone call was confirmation. This was it – time to go all in. He took a leap of faith and quit his job to pursue music full time in 2008. "God said go," Jeremy recounted, so he went.

After doing the demo and an EP, Jeremy went on to produce his first, full-length album called The Rescue, which was released in April 2010. As Jeremy explained it, this album represents not only Christ’s holiness and love, but also His finished work on the cross that rescued us from sin and eternal separation from God. In April 2011, he released Love Is In The Air, an album inspired by his wife Brittany. It was an early wedding gift for her. And he explained, "It is a comparison between God's love for us and a husband's love for his wife."

[Side Call Out: Both album covers with web address to buy them:]

The amazing part of the story is how Jeremy completed four albums debt free in three years. He toured the country without much in the bank. "If He spoke to you, He is going to provide it," Jeremy said. With three shows booked, $40 in his pocket, an old and very worn Rodeo, and a 6’x10’ trailer with tires shaped like cones, Jeremy was ready to go on his first three-week tour. From the outside looking in, Jeremy looked a little naïve, but God told him to go. Jeremy had faith and knew in his heart that God had already provided a way, whether he and his bandmates could see it yet or not. Within two days, they had finances for the trip, new tires for the trailer, fluids changed in the car, and three weeks of gigs booked up.

Jeremy remembered one instance where a complete stranger approached him at a gas station to hand him money after he had just spent his last $20 on maintaining the vehicle. The person said, "I don't know why I'm doing this, but here is $20. I don't know you, but I feel like I am supposed to support you." How can you explain this? “It's being led by the Lord, being led by His Spirit," Jeremy said. In his eyes, God will use others, Christian or not, to support His cause. God has brought in, and continues to bring in, all of the resources Jeremy needs to pay for the production of records and touring expenses. Our God is Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord Who always provides!

Composing for Christ

"It's all about Him," Jeremy said. "Christ is the center of my music, He is the center of my marriage, and He is the center of my life." Jeremy explained that Jesus is involved in every aspect of his songwriting, "whether it’s bold and blatant, like saying His Name, or whether it gives a reference to what He is known as, like King of Kings." Jeremy prayed to learn how to write music, and he continues to pray each time he sits down to compose. The Lord fills his heart with lyrics, melodies, and chord structures. He has the ability to write a song in under 30 minutes, but Jeremy said he is trying to get a little deeper in his writing and really marinate in the words of the song. Jeremy’s pursuit is to write music that will "influence and pierce man's heart, to bring them to a place of repentance and understanding of who God is and where He is in their life."

He finds inspiration in day-to-day life situations, struggles in his own Christian walk, scripture, and his passion for God. Jeremy's style is unique and as Brittany put it, "he entertains for the sake of the Gospel, so each song is pinpointing a message." According to Jeremy, his music is acoustic pop rock with lyrics that will grab the audience's attention and plant a seed. He always plays an instrument in each song, and his long-time friend, CJ, adds depth to the music with the cello. Jeremy is extraordinarily talented, and he puts on a great show. You can't help but tap your foot and enjoy his voice. Find out where he is playing next at

Harmonizing Music and Ministry

Music is only the start of what God has called Jeremy to do. His ministry began at his home church. "As a full-time artist and musician, it's very important to have a home base, a foundation, and accountability," Jeremy said. He and his wife are close to their pastors and are on staff at their church, All Nations Outreach Center in Tampa. Brittany is the Children's Director and Jeremy leads a young adult Bible study in addition to being the resident artist.

As Jeremy’s music grows, he has a vision for his ministry, His Breaking Heart Ministries, to grow alongside it. "The idea is for the ministry to go way beyond my music," Jeremy said. He wants the music to help fund the ministry efforts. Jeremy’s motivation for starting the ministry resulted from his trip to Africa. While there, he met a missionary from another ministry in the very same city, but neither of them had ever heard of the other’s organization. Jeremy said it was such a shame that they were doing the same work in the same city and weren't connected. "The idea [behind the ministry] is to create unity through networking opportunities in the Body of Christ," Jeremy explained. He wants to raise awareness for the need of unity among Christians on the mission field and in the Church. Long-term, Jeremy sees a network of Christian artists, ministries, missionaries, and other organizations partnering together to meet global needs.

More recently, Jeremy has also joined Mission of Mercy as an artist representative. This organization ministers to children through child development centers and partner-based schools all across the world. The ministry believes in a holistic approach, whereby they minister to a child's physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. "My involvement is to find individuals in our culture and at our concerts to sponsor these children. We sponsor a little girl in Honduras," Jeremy shared. If they reach the goal of 100 kids sponsored by the end of this month, Mission of Mercy will fly Jeremy and Brittany to meet their little girl. To learn more about the ministry, visit If you are interested in sponsoring a child, contact Jeremy at

So what's next for this bright, young, faith-filled musician? Stayed tuned for a worship album in the Fall called All Creation Sings. You won't be disappointed. Glory! - Overflow Magazine


Jeremy's first release was a 3 song live demo called, "His Breaking Heart Live Demo," recorded by a good friend of his in Nashville, TN, which was released in September of 2008. This demo is no longer available for purchase, however the title track, "His Breaking Heart," was picked up by a compilation CD called, "Unified By Grace." Which is available for purchase on Itunes.

May 4, 2010 Jeremy released his debut album. A 10 song LP called,"The Rescue," which is available on Itunes, Amazon, and selective stores. There have been reports that songs from this project are being played on the radio in states as far north as Ohio, but have not yet been confirmed.

Jeremy released a 6 song EP titled, "Love Is In The air," on April 12th, 2011. This project is dedicated to his wife, Brittany Vanderloop. The main focus is the comparision of Gods love for us, to a Husbands love for his wife. Its instrumental focus is on the Acoustic Guitar, Cello, Drums, and Piano. This project is available on Itunes, Amazon, and other digital outlet stores.



Jeremy Vanderloop is a dynamic young man with a passion for music and people. He has been playing music as a full time job and ministry since August of 2008. Jeremy has a drive that is rarely seen in most young people. He is persistent, when one door closes, another door opens.  Some people have stated that if Jeremy keeps his momentum, the possibilities of what he will do are endless. This young man truly has a call from God on his life.
In 2010, Jeremy and his good friend CJ Pugh (who started playing cello full time with Jeremy at the beginning of 2010) began to test the waters of tour life together. Jeremy went on his first tour in May of 2010, just after the release of his first full length album, The Rescue. Jeremy has played a total of 230 shows for 2010 and 2011, and his desire is to play 150 shows for 2012.
In 2011 Jared Evans came on board as Jeremy’s official drummer. Jared is known for his musical skills and travels all over the world with other artists when he is not on tour with Jeremy.
Jeremy's musical style is one of a kind, and is hard to describe. With deep lyrics and catchy melodic hooks. Whether it's Jeremy or his full band, you won't be disappointed in the music that is brought to your ears. People have yet to pin Jeremy's style with another artists, concluding that he has a fresh new style of his own.
Jeremy released his second project on April 12th, 2011, a six song EP entitled, “Love Is In The Air,” dedicated to his wife, Brittany, as an early wedding present. They were married on June 18th, 2011. “Love Is In The Air” was a new turn in Jeremy's career. Not only was it extraordinarily sentimental, but it also shows some of Jeremy's raw talent. Jeremy wrote the lyrics, and music, played drums, acoustic guitar, piano, sang, and also composed the majority of the cello parts on each song.
Jeremy is currently in the process of writing and recording his third project entitled, “All Creation Sings,” scheduled to release in the fall of 2012. “All Creation Sings” is being produced by John Johnson, a producer based out of FL. John’s experience includes work and tours with Aaron Gillespie around the country. He is also a classically trained cellist.This project is a 12 song album with deep lyrics, catchy hooks, and a fresh spin on worship.
Over the last 3 and 1/2 years Jeremy has been fine tuning his craft of song writing and feels like he is coming into his own as a mature song writer. He believes that “All Creation Sings” is going to push him and also surprise a lot of people. A recent quote from Jeremy: “I really feel like the last 2 projects were just practice runs for this next one. The songs are better, I have an amazing producer, and the musicians that I will be working with are world class.” We are all eager to hear this new side of Jeremy’s creativity!
People have often called Jeremy a prolific song writer. When it comes to Jeremy writing a song, give him a topic, and he is able to compose a song for you in 10 to 15 minutes. Though Jeremy is now meditating on his songs a bit more, this gift is still very useful.
Jeremy puts his heart and soul into every concert and worship service, whether it is for a few people or a few thousand. His heart is to make people feel at home at his concerts. Almost like a down to earth living room vibe, which people really enjoy. His charm and charisma on stage will have you rolling on the floor in laughter one moment and the next crying your eyes out because of a touching story to a song. People have literally sat and listened to Jeremy for hours and have had it feel like minutes. This is just the beginning of a long musical road for Jeremy Vanderloop. Only God knows exactly what this young man is going to do with such an amazing gift, and the heart to go with it. We believe that there are only good things to come for this young man, not based strictly on his talent, but also on the humility that he walks in his daily life.