Jeremy Vanderloop

Jeremy Vanderloop

 Tampa, Florida, USA

If Jeremy Vanderloop's music could be summed up with one word,it would be,"Moving."From the depth of the lyrics,the catchy melodic hooks,and the meaningful passion that is put into every note.His music is more than just music,it's a message of love and repentance,which is a life changing experience.


Jeremy Vanderloop is a dynamic young man with a passion for music and people. He has been playing music as a full time job and ministry since August of 2008. Jeremy has a drive that is rarely seen in most young people. He is persistent, when one door closes, another door opens.  Some people have stated that if Jeremy keeps his momentum, the possibilities of what he will do are endless. This young man truly has a call from God on his life.
In 2010, Jeremy and his good friend CJ Pugh (who started playing cello full time with Jeremy at the beginning of 2010) began to test the waters of tour life together. Jeremy went on his first tour in May of 2010, just after the release of his first full length album, The Rescue. Jeremy has played a total of 230 shows for 2010 and 2011, and his desire is to play 150 shows for 2012.
In 2011 Jared Evans came on board as Jeremy’s official drummer. Jared is known for his musical skills and travels all over the world with other artists when he is not on tour with Jeremy.
Jeremy's musical style is one of a kind, and is hard to describe. With deep lyrics and catchy melodic hooks. Whether it's Jeremy or his full band, you won't be disappointed in the music that is brought to your ears. People have yet to pin Jeremy's style with another artists, concluding that he has a fresh new style of his own.
Jeremy released his second project on April 12th, 2011, a six song EP entitled, “Love Is In The Air,” dedicated to his wife, Brittany, as an early wedding present. They were married on June 18th, 2011. “Love Is In The Air” was a new turn in Jeremy's career. Not only was it extraordinarily sentimental, but it also shows some of Jeremy's raw talent. Jeremy wrote the lyrics, and music, played drums, acoustic guitar, piano, sang, and also composed the majority of the cello parts on each song.
Jeremy is currently in the process of writing and recording his third project entitled, “All Creation Sings,” scheduled to release in the fall of 2012. “All Creation Sings” is being produced by John Johnson, a producer based out of FL. John’s experience includes work and tours with Aaron Gillespie around the country. He is also a classically trained cellist.This project is a 12 song album with deep lyrics, catchy hooks, and a fresh spin on worship.
Over the last 3 and 1/2 years Jeremy has been fine tuning his craft of song writing and feels like he is coming into his own as a mature song writer. He believes that “All Creation Sings” is going to push him and also surprise a lot of people. A recent quote from Jeremy: “I really feel like the last 2 projects were just practice runs for this next one. The songs are better, I have an amazing producer, and the musicians that I will be working with are world class.” We are all eager to hear this new side of Jeremy’s creativity!
People have often called Jeremy a prolific song writer. When it comes to Jeremy writing a song, give him a topic, and he is able to compose a song for you in 10 to 15 minutes. Though Jeremy is now meditating on his songs a bit more, this gift is still very useful.
Jeremy puts his heart and soul into every concert and worship service, whether it is for a few people or a few thousand. His heart is to make people feel at home at his concerts. Almost like a down to earth living room vibe, which people really enjoy. His charm and charisma on stage will have you rolling on the floor in laughter one moment and the next crying your eyes out because of a touching story to a song. People have literally sat and listened to Jeremy for hours and have had it feel like minutes. This is just the beginning of a long musical road for Jeremy Vanderloop. Only God knows exactly what this young man is going to do with such an amazing gift, and the heart to go with it. We believe that there are only good things to come for this young man, not based strictly on his talent, but also on the humility that he walks in his daily life.


My Beloved

Written By: Jeremy Vanderloop

Verse 1:
Here's the depiction of love
A bound man set me free
Constructed by my faith
By grace in which it stands
No one knows the day
But my Beloved's coming

We'll dance and we'll sing
For the love of the King
Has come for us and set us free 2X

Verse 2:
So come all ye faithful and true
Be sure your visions not skewed
The wedding day is near
And soon we'll have no fear
And no one knows the day
But my beloved's coming home

So be sure your life is right
And your heart is free from strife
Come as you are my friend
and He'll cloth you with sparkle and shine
Cause no one knows the day
But my beloved's coming home

Here's the depiction of love
A bound man set me free

Waves Of Mercy

Written By: Jeremy Vanderloop

Waves Of Mercy
Jeremy Vanderloop
Key: B


Verse 1:
Here I am longing to be
With my bride, by my side
Fruit of our love, gifts from above
As deep as the sea, longing to be engulfed

In waves of mercy
With hearts in love see
Grace so deep and wide 2X

Verse 2:
Love will wait and not envy
It will not boast, or self consume
It bears all things, endures till the end
As deep as the sea, longing to be engulfed



Always Love You

Written By: Jeremy Vanderloop

Verse 1:
There she is with her blond hair
Brown eyes going everywhere
So free and full of life
Just trying to live no strife
Beauty matchless and her love
Makes me feel like she's from above

And I'll say, I love you now
I love you now always

Verse 2:
I will love you and hold you
Even when you don't want Me to
I will be there on the stormy days
Just to wipe your tears away
My love for you it runs so deep
That I may just weep
But I'll hold it together Hold it together
That I might finish this song

You're My priceless diamond My precious jewel
There's no one like you no one compares
Just to hear you breath Is like classical melodies
Running through My veins
Hope and joy unmerited peace
That's found in our true love

I Desire You

Written By: Jeremy Vanderloop

My heart is beating with such a passion
Longing for your simple reaction
To the love that burns immensely for you
My deepest desire was oh so prior
To the joy that is in my life
From how you light up my soul

I pray that I'll love you always
And I pray that you'll always stay
Cause I need you in my life
and I desire you as my wife

Time will tell that I'm in no spell
But my heart as sincerely fell in love
Oh so in love
The burnings getting hotter now
Deeper than a thousand suns
That consumes the depths of my heart

We'll run together and never to weary
My beautiful one, I'm not growing leary
Of asking you to be my wife tonight


Jeremy's first release was a 3 song live demo called, "His Breaking Heart Live Demo," recorded by a good friend of his in Nashville, TN, which was released in September of 2008. This demo is no longer available for purchase, however the title track, "His Breaking Heart," was picked up by a compilation CD called, "Unified By Grace." Which is available for purchase on Itunes.

May 4, 2010 Jeremy released his debut album. A 10 song LP called,"The Rescue," which is available on Itunes, Amazon, and selective stores. There have been reports that songs from this project are being played on the radio in states as far north as Ohio, but have not yet been confirmed.

Jeremy released a 6 song EP titled, "Love Is In The air," on April 12th, 2011. This project is dedicated to his wife, Brittany Vanderloop. The main focus is the comparision of Gods love for us, to a Husbands love for his wife. Its instrumental focus is on the Acoustic Guitar, Cello, Drums, and Piano. This project is available on Itunes, Amazon, and other digital outlet stores.

Set List

The set list varies depending on the tour and venue Jeremy and his team are playing in. Some churches want simply a worship set, while others want a full concert. Jeremy will provide a set list at the time of booking, bassed on the atmosphere and time slot that as been allotted from the church, venue, coffee house, etc. The set list can range from 15 minutes to 1 1/2 hours.