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Jeremy Vogt Band

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
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"I love their sound!"

I love their sound! I can't believe I haven't heard from these guys sooner! Their CD "People in Strange Places" is incredible! It's the type of CD where you can not only listen to every song, but enjoy every song as well. - Kelly McKay - WZPL (99.5 FM), Indianapolis, IN

"IMN/WTTS/NUVO Artist of the Week"

"Artist of the Week" presents the Jeremy Vogt Band. Each week our editorial staff will select one local artist who has made a place in the spotlight for themselves by giving Indy's music lovers something they should be hearing. - / Nuvo Magazine / WTTS 92.3 FM

"...Jeremy wrote great songs."

I really enjoyed making Jeremy's record because he did what great singer/songwriters do focusing on making quality music that best supports the lyrical content. When I record drums on an artist's record, I focus on the content of the song and what it has to say first and foremost. It was easy because Jeremy wrote great songs. - Kenny Aronoff - Professional Drummer (Fogerty, Etheridge)

"...beautifully crafted and powerful"

"People In Strange Places" the debut release from singer/songwriter Jeremy Vogt is a beautifully crafted, and powerful record with honest lyrics about love, life and the daily grind. While producing People In Strange Places it became apparent that working with an artist like Jeremy only comes along once in a lifetime. What makes Jeremy so special is his unique ability to take the listener to his emotional place when the song was written. His attention to detail in the lyrics and musical composition helped create a sonic landscape that instantly connects to the audience. - Marc Johnson - Producer/Engineer

"Best of 2004 -"

In 2004 the Jeremy Vogt Band was ranked in the top ten of local Indianapolis Bands. This award was based on number of votes, downloads, traffic, and click throughs to the band's information on

"This is classic Midwestern rock."

The music on People in Strange Places tends to be unvarnished. No overly slick production here, and that suits the music just fine. Electric guitar punctuates the verses of Crush Me, while drums kick in for the chorus: "I've paid it all back in full/are you listening?/To love and not be loved/are you wrong?" This is classic Midwestern rock. - Sara Galer-

"They're gonna be big someday!"

I really like this band. These guys are a lot of fun on stage. Great sense of humor on and off the stage, and they're pretty good with the music thing too. They're gonna be big someday! - Darrin Snider - Indy In-Tune Podcast

"This band will move your body and soul"

"Whether opening VIP shows for the Goo Goo Dolls, Counting Crows, John Mayer, Sheryl Crow and Dave Matthews Band at Verizon Wireless Music Center or kickin' it a the little club, this band will move your body and soul." - Indianapolis Star

"Honorable Mention: Billboard World Song Contest"

Jeremy Vogt Band recieves Honorable Mention for their song, "Say It." The 14th annual Billboard World Song Contest included more quality competition than any prior contest and to receive this award is an impressive feat. - Billboard Song Contest


CD: Jeremy Vogt Band - Villains & Vocoders (Independent)

CD: Jeremy Vogt Band - People in Strange Places (Independent)

Includes "Say It" as heard on 99.5 WZPL.



"Whether opening VIP shows for the Goo Goo Dolls, Counting Crows, John Mayer, Sheryl Crow and Dave Matthews Band at Verizon Wireless Music Center or kickin' it a the little club, this band will move your body and soul." (Indianapolis Star)

Music is a strange and special sort of magic that is capable of speaking both to the intellect and to the soul simultaneously. There are a lucky few who are gifted with the ability to communicate using this versatile medium, and we call them artists or musical communicators. The 11-track debut album (2005) from the Jeremy Vogt Band exemplifies the universal nature of this magic. Their message is forged through the simplicity of acoustical arrangements and pure vocals, or is it really that simple? Could it be a case of "less is more"? In avoiding over-dubbed, distorted, nebulous mish-mash, the band has found a power that comes from the fundamental appeal of music: powerfully infectious melodies and complementary harmony presented in a way that effortlessly draws the listener into the music.

With such a solid and memorable debut album making waves, it would seem that the band has a great deal to prove outside of the studio. This is where the Jeremy Vogt Band comes to life, winning over countless fans with their interactive, high-energy performances. The band continues to tour the Midwest while focusing on exactly what got them where they are: a passion for playing and making great music.

The Jeremy Vogt (vote) band is Christian Starnes (Bass), Ryan Shore (percussion), Curtis Cree (lead guitar and vocals), and Jeremy Vogt (vocals and guitar). Their self-titled debut was independently released on November 3, 2005. The band is currently playing shows in the Midwest.