Jeremy Warden

Jeremy Warden

 Duluth, Minnesota, USA

A 20-something who opted to hide in zero-utility cabins for half a year around the north woods of the U.S. Who has turned to the only thing he understands in life, music, to try and do his best to make a difference in peoples lives, even if only on a small scale.


My story is by no means original but at least somewhat out of the ordinary. An active musician in various bands, touring about Minnesota until I opted to drop out of college after two semester and move into a secluded cabin to record a solo album entitled God's Bark Colored Thumb. After which I moved across state lines to a slightly larger though not any more accommodating cabin to conclude my introspective journeys.
Labeled a "singer-songwriter" by the Minneapolis City Pages, I've found that my pen and guitar are not mere hobbies, but necessities in maintaining my sanity. The mental dance between admiring the beauty, and then slipping back into the emptiness of life comes out in my music, or at least I hope it does.
A great admirer of artists such as Jeffrey Lewis, and Jeff Mangum, my desire is not to achieve fame, but to make great and thought provoking art, with the hopes that people will find a bit of themselves within it and join in the quest for discovering meaning in their day to day lives.


I have two albums, both self produced: Take Your Time Brave Meadow (2009) and God's Bark Colored Thumb (2011) The latter of which has received airplay on various college radios in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin as well as on Radio K in Minneapolis.

Set List

It's hard to say so far in advance what my set list would be.
But an idea of what to expect would be any of the songs from my albums, both of which you can hear for yourself at
I perform as a solo act, however, so some songs would be redone to be suitable and entertaining with just a voice and acoustic guitar.
I do use a tuneyards-style live drum looping type set up on some songs, but this process is in its preliminary stages currently.