Jere Stormer

Jere Stormer

 Ferndale, Michigan, USA

A 3 time Detroit Music award winner Jere embraces blues, a bit of Celtic and a helping of rootsy folk music and transforms them into a heady brew all his own. Fans of Richard Thompson, Kottke & Waits will spark to Jere. His goal in concert is to reward listeners with soul stirring music.

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Michigan Humanities Council – Michigan Humanities Council

A Jere Stormer performance sparkles with humor, wit, and emotional honesty. An award-winning instrumentalist, Jere uses the 12-string guitar, mandolin, fiddle, kalimba (African thumb piano), and more. Performances feature original and discovered songs which tell the stories of working men and women through both literary and folk traditions. Workshops for adults and children are offered in songwriting, poetry, and performance.

TC CD Review – Traverse City Record Eagle

“Musical juxtapositions are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing Stormer’s quirky but completely engaging blend of blues, folk, swing, rock and jazz.”
Nancy Sundstrom - Traverse City Record Eagle

Ann Arbor's 107.1 – Detroit Free Press

“Astute, provocative, often hilarious songwriting makes Jere Stormer stand out from the pack --- a seriously talented full-spectrum musician.”
Martin Bandyke – morning radio host on WQKL, Ann Arbor's 107one

Scarab Club concert review – Bluejean Thinktank

“When I first heard the guy, Jere Stormer, I was a ticket taker at a concert. I heard the sound of a 12-string guitar and it sounded better than good, and the singer was terrific. Who the hell was this guy?
I used to be a musician wannabe in L.A. a lifetime ago. I was left a full-blown 12-string guitar when my roommate abandoned our apartment near Olympic and Alvarado. I was left with a horrendous phone bill and the 12-string. I guess he could not take it with him, overburdened as he was with my dope, money, lover and Mustang.
I had next to no skill with a guitar. I could barely tune the thing. But I could make it sound chunka-chunka good by just strumming it. I started having delusions of grandeur, even as they disconnected my phone. I concluded that 12-string guitars were the refuge for the incompetent. I mean, the damn thing played itself. Well I was wrong, Jere Stormer plays the 12-string guitar like a musical instrument not an acoustic Band-Aid. I gathered enough money to buy a ticket and see his act. Turns out, he was a master of several guitar styles. I was not surprised when he was voted best acoustic guitarist by the Motor City Music Awards. I really like his album AVAILABLE SPACE. I would put his song ‘Sweet 16 in the Year 2000’ next to anybody’s acoustic work.”

Mike Madius - Bluejean Thinktank

Ann Arbor Concert Review – Ann Arbor Observer

“Tight, polished, yet wonderfully uninhibited.”
Mike Betzold – Ann Arbor Observer

Blue Note Concert Review – Live from the Living Room Pontiac, MI

“Versatile, innovative and armed with a keen wit and a sharp ax, Detroit Music Award Winner Jere Stormer forges a path straight thru your funny bone and into your heart. A sterling guitarist and song-writer, Jere takes the mundane and transforms it into the magical.”
Maggie Ferguson – WXOU 88.1 & Live from the Living Room

Paint Creek Concert Review – Keeping Tabs, Rochester MI

“Jere joins a mastery of guitar with an unfailing knack for writing clever, thought-provoking lyrics … a Jere Stormer show is not to be missed.”
Tom Mansell - President Emeritus Paint Creek Folklore Society

Oakland Press CD Review – Oakland Press

“ . . . any song like “Actual Size” that contains the lyric ‘you always know just how to get my goat/’cause I’m so gettable goatwise’ has something going for it.”
Robert Musial, The Oakland Press

Metro Times Review – Detroit Metro Times

Every vocal inflection, strum, exhale and language loop shoots past Jere Stormer¹s synapses and exits through his funny bone. A true performer in every sense of the word, Stormer¹s folk frolics aren¹t afraid to wail a Zeppelin riff right alongside a contrified Hendrix excerpt. When he¹s not in the middle of a medley (and sometimes when he is) it's a rock n folk free for all.—Melissa Giannini

Academic Review – Wayne State Univ

“One of the finest, eclectic and original musicians and singer/songwriters in all of Detroit. His own songs leave audiences spellbound by his unique poetic images and the intensity of his themes. Jere is an all around entertainer & artist, a first rate guitarist, violin player, a great songwriter, and a wonderful singer.”

M.L. Liebler – Poet & Wayne State University Prof. of Literature