Jericho Road Crew

Jericho Road Crew

 Jericho, Vermont, USA

Paving New Roads Beyond Contemporary Christian Music

Much of today's Christian music rightly praises God and glorifies His Son, Jesus Christ. For the Jericho Road Crew, however, something more is needed to reach a world that seems to be looking the other way.


Since 1988, the Jericho Road Crew has offered a variety of music from different genres: from gospel to celtic, country to rock and roll. The music is always full of fun, harmonies and hope, lyrics and love. Our album, "Moonlight Harvest", is our first offering with all original music. The Road Crew has always played a mix of secular and Christian music— feeling like that opens more doors to our message. More and more, our music reflects this mix of God and world within each song.


Can You Feel My Prayer

Written By: Ron Lawrence

I hear life has lately been unkind
The news makes me grieve
What purpose God has for your affliction
I can not conceive
Can you feel… Feel my prayer?

I’m not your best advocate in prayer
I don’t pray with ease
But be assured that I’ve told Him all about you
At times on my knees

Can you Feel… Feel my prayer?


And I don’t always know how far I’m to go
When my faith and doubts won’t reconcile
But Heaven can see much farther than me
Like a father looks out for his child
And I can’t comprehend what God recommends
At the point when there’s nothing to do
But when God works His plan as only God can
I trust that He’s worked something special for you

Whatever I could offer seems a pittance
I put it out of my mind
And I get so caught up in my routines
That it’s hard to make time

Can you Feel… Feel my prayer?

But it scares me to think of life without you
or the pain you endure
Surely our Lord has not stopped listening
As I pray for a cure

Can you Feel… Feel my prayer?

…and me too.

I wish I could gather all these thoughts
And send them to you
But maybe that’s just what prayer is for
God I hope this gets through

Can you feel… Feel my prayer?

I hear life has lately been unkind
The news makes me grieve
What purpose God has for your affliction
I can not conceive

Can you feel… Feel my prayer?
Lord hear my prayer

Choices Made

Written By: Ron Lawrence

Now I've been blessed, my life caressed
with friends of former days.
But through our aims, life made its claims
and we went our separate ways.
Now it comes to mind, how we squandered our time
and a consequence was paid.
Our fortunes cast, though fealty passed,
because of the choices made.

The practice of, this gift from above,
has too often been misused
for doubtful ends; and wisdom portends
that the cares of my life be bruised.
If this be a test and the truth be confessed
that I haven't quite made the grade.
But God makes good what is not as He would
in spite of the choices made

My regrets are few, but the ones that I do
seem to haunt me like a ghost.
My cause on the whole has taken its toll
on the ones that I love the most.
But if love, not strife, is the measure of a life,
then perhaps my concern's mislaid.
Cause it's also true that I wouldn't have you
If not for the choices made.


"No Worse for the Wear" was released in 1999. This album was an attempt to capture what we had been doing for the previous 10 years. It's a collection of mostly cover tunes that were typical at our concerts.

"Moonlight Harvest" was released in 2009. This album, in contrast to our first, features all original music. Our faith is the backdrop for all our music, but we think you'll find the content relevant well beyond the confines of the church.

Set List

We find that a 90 minute set is optimal. Currently, our set features many songs from "Moonlight Harvest" splashed with a a few cover tunes that are sure to get our audience in the mood to sing.