Jericho Trumpet

Jericho Trumpet


A diverse, progressive, experimental, rock band


Jericho Trumpet is currently comprised of two central MA musicians, that have bounced around the walls of the small music scene of the Worcester county area. The band is a diverse blend of styles, with no specific intentions, other than enjoyment and inspiration. Without creating, or following any type of rules or regulations, and with the hopes of breaking down the boundries of genre, they try to give every song a life of its own. The band has been influenced by many things such as books, music, art, technology, day to day life and the changing seasons. They continue to seek out other musicians who share the same goals and aspirations, bring the music to the people,
and hope they take something from it.

Set List

Arrival at the Gates 1:24

Winter Existance 4:36

Ascention 4:02

Static Universe Intro 1:28

Static Universe 3:57

Black hole 5:45

The movement 5:25

Change 4:43

May 4:41

Trees of Iyca 4:20