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Jerico plays a wide variety of rock-n-roll music from covers from the 60s through today to original music that is a fusion of modern rock and classic rock. With over a 150 cover songs on the song list to a full set of original material we are sure to offer any venue a great rock-n-roll experience.


Jerico is a fusion of talented musicians from the Central Florida area. The band began 10 years ago as an acoustic duo playing in small local clubs. With the addition of bass and drums, through the years, Jerico transformed into a full electric rock band that is capable of playing classic rock favorites, acoustic/electric sets of contemporary music, or original music.

Jerico is influenced by different genres in rock music. Jess draws inspiration from the laid back styles of Jimmy Buffett, The Band, and Sublime while maintaining his edge through classic rock favorites like Kiss and Bad Company. Eric is influenced by guitar greats like Eric Clapton and Randy Rhoads. The rhythm and groove section of Juan and Shane usually find their inspiration through Metal. When you put all of these together you get a band with the ability to play to parrotheads or metalheads and original music that is written to appeal to the masses.

The major thing that sets Jerico apart from most bands is their ability to play for anyone. With an extensive setlist and catchy original songs we can play for any audience whether its dance favorites or straight rock music. Our fan base is made up of many people in Central Florida and the age range of those fans goes from 20 something to 60 something. The people who come to see Jerico know that they are in for a party and that there will be a good time whether you are a dancer or a listener.

CDs available at itunes, amazon, cdbaby, etc.

Gig information available at facebook under Jess Locke, Eric Suber, or JERICO.


Jerico - CD Available at itunes, amazon, cdbaby, etc.

New Jerico CD in 2010

Set List

Setlist as an opening act:

Original music with select covers depending on the genre of the headlining act. Jerico has opened for or performed at festivals with headlining acts such as Skid Row, Molly Hatchet, Marshall Tucker Band, Blackfoot, Confederate Railroad, Herman's Hermits, Pat Travers, and Quiet Riot.

The typical set list for a 4 hour performance:

1st/Dinner Set: Jimmy Buffett, Eagles, Sublime, The Band, Matchbox Twenty, Van Morrison, etc. Usually the first set will include easier listening favorites that work the crowd into the evening.

2nd Set: Bad Company, The Rolling Stones, Santana, Three Doors Down, and sometimes some dance favorites if the crowd is ready to move.

3rd Set: More dance music or heavier edged music if the crowd requires it. Including Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, Pink Floyd, and even some 80s alternative music from The Cure and Modern English.

4th Set: Anything goes. It really depends on what the crowd wants.

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