Jeri Katherine Howell

Jeri Katherine Howell

 Frankfort, Kentucky, USA

Jeri Katherine Howell is an Americana singer-songwriter rooted in Kentucky bluegrass and old time music, who commands performances with her sweet and soulful voice, thought-provoking lyrics, and joyful presence.


Jeri Katherine Howell is an Americana singer-songwriter and rhythm guitarist from Frankfort, Kentucky who commands each performance with her sweet and soulful voice, thought-provoking lyrics, and joyful presence. "From an early age, Jeri Katherine has shown a remarkable sensibility to express a wide range of emotions in the traditional styles of Americana, Appalachian, and Roots music," states Brian Baker - longtime fan and folk music enthusiast. "For many years, there has been no need to add such words as 'new' or 'up and coming' when describing Jeri Katherine, but more appropriate to simply say that she is one of the finest Americana singer/songwriters in the country."

Jeri Katherine has been writing and performing as a solo artist – and collaborating with Kentucky musicians – for over 12 years. In 2007 she won 2nd Place in the Flat Rock Music Festival Songwriters Contest for the title track of her first album Branch to Branch. In 2011 she was voted Frankfort's Best Musical Performer and received the Folk Arts Apprenticeship Grant from the Kentucky Arts Council to study and perform with master songstress Carla Gover. As she developed artistically, Jeri Katherine began performing with world music band Stirfry Musette and was featured on their 2013 release No String Unturned. That same year, Jeri Katherine released her latest album, Collage, featuring 14 original tracks and several of Kentucky's best players. As Jeri Katherine dove into student life at Centre College, she immersed herself in the campus folk music scene as a lead singer and guitarist in the College’s Kentucky Music Ensemble.  2016 brought two tours with the ensemble: one in the Northeastern U.S. and the other in Yamaguchi, Japan as part of “Kentucky Bluegrass Week.” With her fierce interest in cultural exchange and community engagement upon graduation, Jeri Katherine received a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant grant with the U.S. Department of State and performed and lectured throughout San Carlos, Costa Rica with Nat Colten - her partner in music and life - for the 2017 year.

Currently, Jeri Katherine is writing songs, performing locally, collaborating, and re-rooting in Kentucky soil.


Change Our Ways (Single), 2007

Branch to Branch, 2008

Collage, 2013

No String Unturned Stirfry Mussette (Featured Artist), 2013

Red River Moon, DVD Mighty Quinn Productions (Guest Appearance & Soundtrack), 2013

Set List

Typical 45-60 minute solo set (have enough material for over three hours)

  • Molly Green (original)
  • Abandoned House (original)
  • Sweet Heaven (traditional)
  • Space of Quiet (original)
  • Blue House (original)
  • Don't Let Go (original)
  • Inmigracion de los ninos (original)
  • Mother Mary (original) 
  • Gone (original)
  • Appalachian Two-Steppin (original) 
  • Higher Ground (original)
  • The Blues (original) 
  • Travels (original)