New Age Pop/Hip Hop/RnB, with awesome stage performances Live band, hip hop dancers. Action packed shows Check out EPK here


Jermaine Leef

This new Pop/RnB artist is about to set the NZ music
scene alight with his catchy melodies, funky tight beats, and
wicked stage performances.

In only a very short time span, this young singer has had the
chance to perform with most of the major acts in NZ including
Adeaze, Aradnha, Misfis of science, Nesian Mystik and many others.
This has landed him a deal with ADK management who only have
two other artists; Adeaze, and Nesian Mystik which have a
proven track record of success. This goes to show that even the
industry big heads have enthusiasm and trust for this young man

The style is unique in NZ as the Pop artist not only has a great
voice but it’s his smooth hip hop moves that get his audiences
watching in awe. NZ hasn’t seen a true Pop/RnB package like this
He has clearly got
industry buzzing;


Secret- The debut single is due out in June of this year. The album out mid-end of the year

Set List

Anything and everything in the field from James Brown to Michael Jackson to Usher, Justin Timberlake, and much much more!