Jermaine Paul

Jermaine Paul


The winner of "The Voice" season 2 Jermaine Paul truly entertained all of America and is just getting started on his undeniable career.Once a background singer for Alicia Keys, Paul will now dazzle the crowd as the headliner!!


After performing on worldwide tours and Grammy Award winning songs, singing sensation Jermaine Paul is ready to share his voice with the world. Born in New York as the fifth of ten children, music has been a part of Jermaine’s life since day one. “I don’t think I’d be doing music if it weren’t for my mom, my dad, and my brothers and sisters,” he says. At the tender age of 8, Jermaine began singing in local churches and talent shows. By the age of 12, he learned to play the drums and taught himself how to play guitar. By 17, Jermaine was signed to Shaquille O’Neal’s Twism Records as a part of R&B group 1 Accord.

Affording him the opportunity to tour around the world with Shaq and rappers Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz, Jermaine fully capitalized on his opportunity. As the lead singer of 1Accord, he performed on the Booty Call soundtrack, a movie starring Jamie Foxx and Jada Pinkett Smith. He also wrote and produced for R&B group BlackStreet and sang background vocals for numerous R&B artists the likes of Mary J. Blige, Brandy, and Kelly Price. However, it would be his association with music superstar Alicia Keys that would change his career forever.

Using his musical talents to capture the ears of audiences around the world as an opening act and background singer for the worldwide superstar, Jermaine has established himself as a bonafide star, appearing on the hit single “Diary” from The Diary of Alicia Keys and “If This World Were Mine” on the Luther Vandross dedicated compilation So Amazing: An All-Star Tribute to Luther Vandross. Now as he sets out on a solo career, Jermaine is ready to prove to the world that he is the real deal. With a deep musical bloodline running through his veins and a Grammy Award already under his belt, Jermaine remains humble about his impending success. “I don’t know what the future holds for me,” he says. “I just want the music to be heard and for people to enjoy it.”


•2012, “I Believe I Can Fly”; Jermaine Paul, “The Voice”
•2012, “Soul Man”; Jermaine Paul, “The Voice”
•2012, “Open Arms”; Jermaine Paul, “The Voice”
•2012, “Against All Odds”; Jermaine Paul, “The Voice”
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•2011, “Water”; Jermaine Paul, Up Coming Album?
•2011, “Lost and Found”; Jermaine Paul, Up Coming Album?
•2011, “Won’t Wait”; Jermaine Paul, Up Coming Album?
•2010, “Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing”; Sandrine ft. Jermaine Paul, Get Ready
•2010, “Sober”; Jermaine Paul, Up Coming Album?
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•2006, “Cheat On Me”; Jermaine Paul and Charles Paul.
•2005, “If This World Were Mine”; Alicia Keys ft. Jermaine Paul, So Amazing An All-Star Tribute To Luther Vandross.
•2005, “Gold Digger” (remix); Kanye West ft. Focus, Late Registration.
•2005, “Unbreakable”; Alicia Keys ft. Jermaine Paul, Unplugged.
•2003, “Diary”; Alicia Keys ft. Tony! Toni! Toné! and Jermaine Paul, The Diary Of Alicia Keys.
•????, “Sincerely Yours” Jermaine Paul (FOCUS).
•????, “Making Love” Jermaine Paul (FOCUS).
•????, “Selfish”; Jermaine Paul (FOCUS).
•1998, “Rivers”; Shaquille O’neal ft. 1Accord, Respect.
•1997, “Don’t Stop, Don’t Quit”; 1Accord, Soundtrack Booty call.
•1996, “Don’t wanne be alone”; Shaquille O’neal ft. 1Accord, You Can’t Stop The Reign.