Jermaine Wells

Jermaine Wells

 New York City, New York, USA
BandR&BHip Hop

Jermaine Wells is a singer that has the flavor of Marvin Gaye, the presence of Tupac and the charisma of Smokey Robinson. This young singer effortlessly fuses Soul, Blues, hip hop, Reggae and rock to make great music that we all can relate to.
-Matt MacHaffie
-Greg Haymes


Jermaine Wells is a native of the Bronx, New York City. He has been influenced by many cultures and experiences which he draws from for inspiration in his music. He feels that his diverse cultural background and experience with both positive and negative aspects of urban/metropolitan life have enabled him to express his feelings on certain situations that many people experience.
Jermaine is, what many would consider a modern day Renaissance man and self-proclaimed “triple threat” by most industry standards, specializing in singing, dancing, playwriting, and acting. He projects an image of mystery with an urban sex appeal.
Jermaine’s unique “cinematic” approach to songwriting enables him to paint a picture in the listener’s mind. He is quoted as saying, “I’m writing down a story.”

Other accomplishments in his career include an appearance on the MTV’s Say What Karaoke, Apollo Showtime, the feature film “Random Hearts” starring Harrison Ford, a TV Commercial for Claritin and many more cinematic and television appearances. Recently, Jermaine won an honorable mention from The John Lennon Songwriting contest. He has played for the City of Albany at The Lark Festival (1000 people) and First Night(New Years Eve).
In a time where the hip-hop/soul and R&B genres seem to dominating popular music sales and radio/TV airplay, Jermaine is determined to accomplish his goals of stardom with the amount of shear talent he has, these goals are perfectly attainable. Most recently he has scored a placement on the series "Road Trip Nation."
Jermaine is currently performing with his newly formed band the "Ill Funk Ensemble." This live soul, R&B, hiphop and funk band has already started to create a buzz. Check out
On December 2, 20ll he released a solo EP "For Dancing Girls & Admirers" available worldwide on itunes!


The EP "For Dancing Girls & Admirers" was just released December 2011 and is now available on itunes!
Previous projects include an album called “The Pain” which was recorded for the Capitol District African American Coalition on AIDS. This received radio play .Currently, he has a music recorded in Nashville that has received airplay on WCDB 90.9 fm and WEOS 89.7 fm, Jamz 96.3 and 104.9 love fm. Currently, Jermaine is recording an EP to be released within the next few months. September or October 2011. The first single will be making the rounds shortly! It is called Here We Go (Thicky)

Set List

Originals Covers
1.Get Down 1. What's Going ON
2. Relax 2. When I getback
3.TroubleMan 3. Just the 2 of us
4.HolyWater 4. I shot The Sheriff
5.Revolution 5. Where I'm From
6.Royalty 6. The SEED
7.Get Home 7. Stand By Me
8.Survive 8. Bridge to Bama
9. Slave To My Music 9.Dock Of The Bay
10.Running 11.Ain't Gonna hurt nobody
10. I want you back
11. Signed,Sealed Deliver
12. Sing a simple song
13. Back in the Days (ETC.)
And Many More