Jerms Black

Jerms Black

 New York City, New York, USA
BandHip HopPop

My name is Jerms Black a rapper from Brooklyn,NY I have been selling my music independently in the underground circuit for 7 years with 12 mixtapes and an EP to show for it. I have released my new single "Da Paper" which has been getting steady internet radio play and is growing on mainstream radio.


Jeremy Naughton a.k.a. Jerms Black was born on the island of St.Croix and moved to the United States when he was 3 years old to Brooklyn, New York where has resided since. He was raised in the “Do or Die” section of Bedford Stuyvesant. As a youth, Jeremy fell to the lure of the streets. “I was about getting money however possible, money was my motivation. I never wanted to promote the violence but in some situations it was necessary. Selling drugs was a day to day hustle but my hands were on everything.” He found himself facing charges that could have sent him away for the rest of his adult life. While incarcerated he made a vow to himself that if acquitted and given a second chance, he would change his life and dedicate himself to music. Fortunately Jeremy was acquitted and has kept his pledge since. Jeremy’s introduction to music can be traced back to his older brother, who was an aspiring reggae artist. Through the interaction with his brother, he discovered his passion for music. Jeremy fell in love with hip hop, started rapping and took on the name Jerms Black which was a combination of his name and what people used to call him in his neighborhood “Pretty Black”. “I’m a hip hop head going back to Digital Underground. Nice & Smooth was the group that had me open. Their sound, flavor, and melodies were so dope.” Since the acquittal, Jerms Black has released his own mixtapes and videos independently. “Selling my music independently is a grind. The drive keeps me going of wanting to give people fresh music and let them know I’m still working. It’s also hard because it is repetitive; there can be some really good days and some really bad days. Selling my music coincides with my passion for hip hop like hearing an instrumental and developing a concept. Part of my inspiration comes when people tell me they enjoy my music.” Jerms Black has worked with many famous rappers such as the Nappy Roots and famous producers such as the Heatmakerz and Mr.Fingaz. He has also appeared on many mixtapes and street DVDs.

Hip-Hop has always been about hunger. The hunger to rock the crowd. The hunger to get signed. The hunger for a better life. My music is a raw form of art that is waiting to get heard. Please listen to my music with a open ear and a true understanding of the hip hop culture.
Jerms Black is an upcoming rapper from Brooklyn New York who has released 13 mixtapes and has worked with platinum producers like the Heatmakerz, and Easy Mo Bee and also has worked with platinum artists like the Nappy Roots. He has released his newest song "Da Paper" which contains a sample from fellow Brooklyn rapper/legend Milk Dee from the group Audio Two who released their second single titled "I Get The Papers" from their second album "I Don't Care". Jerm's newest single is a dedication to the pioneering group Audio Two and the hip hop culture.


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Hustler's Spirit-Mixtape
Chronicles (Best of Jerms Black)-Mixtape
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Pop Trunk Vol.1- Mixtape
Pop Trunk Vol.2- Mixtape
"My Life" -Single
Da Outbreak- EP
"Da Paper"- Single

Set List

5-10 minutes
2 Bottles of Water
A Good Mic
A Good Sound System