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Nashville, TN
Established on Jan, 2016
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"NEW MIXTAPE REVIEW: JermX - "Not Alive""

After teasing a handful of new singles and a new music video, Nashville rapper JermX has finally unveiled his new mixtape, Not Alive. It's the debut project from JermX, who dropped the mixtape on August 22nd, his 22nd birthday.

Loosely a concept album, Not Alive is a project told from the point-of-view of a futuristic monster-of-society's-ills called JermX. JermX uses this premise to tackle a lot of ground. The mixtape wrestles with the sense of feeling "not alive" through a range of themes -- a growing disconnect between one's self, society and modern technology; mental health issues like depression; the balance between reality and dreams; and the never-ending fight to distinguish between the two. As he raps on "Robot", JermX is "a product of the future that we already live everybody get in line for the 2015 version of Frankenstein."

Production-wise Not Alive is a patchwork of forward-looking, bass-heavy electronic and trap beats. The intro track, "Kill", cycles through grime, dubstep, and 2-step styles alone, seamlessly setting the tone for an energetic and exploratory mixtape. A handful of producers contribute their sounds to Not Alive, including RMUR, Chris Tha Skytrotter, and Heavy Feelingz.

JermX's unique approach and trademark wit direct the mood and direction of this mixtape, transforming what could have been a much-too-somber record into an equally fun and serious affair. Credit to JermX for delivering cinematic cohesion to a debut with lofty sounds and ambitions.

Stream Not Alive below, and check out the music video for the title track "Not Alive" if you haven't yet. - Unruly Factions

"Numbah 4080: Seasonably Appropriate New Jams From Jermxbruh, Tre Stoner and Alocodaman"

Rappers are a bit like groundhogs. As we settle into the coldest months of the year, many local emcees already taken to their burrows for the winter, holed away for the season shedding new material in hibernation. While chilly days and nights might mean less local hip-hop shows in the months to come, it also usually means more hip-hop tracks are in the works. As local artists spend more indoor time putting the finishing touches on their various projects, a soundtrack of killer jams to get you through the slow season is already emerging. Check out a trio of hot chilly tracks below.

Jermxbruh, “Cold”
Local spitter, Jermxbruh, has got the right idea. His fresh, seasonally appropriate banger — the aptly titled “Cold” — is a cornucopia of clever wordplay. Lines like, “That’s backwards, like flames coming out of a faucet / Or hustlas selling newborn babies to a coffin,” will have you shaking your head and rewinding the track to catch those last few bars again. The beat, courtesy of Rmur, is equally cold and creates that perfect backdrop for Jermxbruh’s relentless flow. - Nashville Scene

"JermX - "Who The Fuck" (Directed by Valid You Visions)"

Nashville rapper JermX revisits his highly original 2015 debut, his Not Alive mixtape, in the form of an epic, new 7-minute video called "Who The Fuck", directed by Valid You Visions.

"Who The Fuck" features two tracks from Not Alive, "Perfect" and "No Reality", along with "Fatal Attraction", another single from JermX. The video tackles some loose concepts from Not Alive (highly-recommended review available), among them self-identity issues, a disconnect with reality and society, and questions on religion.

JermX raps with near delirium, battling with his various selves, over pounding beats and throbbing, electro-tinged production. On "Perfect", he has a menacing God complex. The interlude, "Fatal Attraction", tackles the pitfalls of glory and wearing the crown. Meanwhile, "No Reality" deals with human mortality and illusions. Check it out below. - Unruly Factions


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