Funky rocky organ grooves. JTQ meets Brian Auger meets the Meters meets Tito Lopez.


This is an all new line up drawn from some of the funkiest musicians around. They guys have worked with JTQ, Tito Lopez, The Funky Muchachos and numerous other outfits.


Colder Light Of Day

Written By: Rupert Wates

Soft petals fall
The veil is torn in two
The colder light of day has broken through
Now I can see
And green has turned to blue

The golden stream
Where once I bathed with you
The summer dreams
The pictures we once drew
All that has been
Has melted like the dew

Though colours fade
From things no longer new
And all the vows we made
Have proved untrue
In time the pain
Loses brightness too
When green has turned to blue

When green has turned to blue
Has turned to blue


The band is currently producing their eponemous first release. Recent reocordings featuring members of the band include: The Funky Muchachos Play Soul Jazz, Tito Lopez Combo "More Dip In Your Hip" and "Tito's Organic Experience". These releases have had airplay on various radio programmes including Craig Charles' Funk and Soul show and Robert Elms show.

Set List

The band plays a mixture of covers and originals.
Covers include a diverse range of classic from country to funk to jazz rock, but all given our unique and hip traetment!