Jerome Schooley Hick Hop

Jerome Schooley Hick Hop

 Hicksville, Ohio, USA

BEST SHOW IN TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!


Small town boy that had a guitar a dream and traveled. I still play in my National band Unlikely Alibi but I needed my own solo outlet. I have a lot on my mind and want to help take song writing back to a time when it was more about the art than money. Playing live is my drug of choice. I have always been a live musician first and studio musician second. I have traveled from New York to California and still not stopping until my voice is heard. I mix all styles of music in my originals. I never want to be pigeonholed into just on style. Music is food to me a man can not live off just bread and water. My favorite style would have to be ska and reggae, but I am fluent in jazz, country, rock, folk, and blues. I try to make my music simple and still keep a native feel to it. Technical music masturbation has never been my thing. I rather see some one dancing and feeling my music rather than seeing there jaw dropped. We are humans not machines. Music to me is my escape from the day to day beat down. I try to give that back to the listener. I want them to escape with me, to a truthful place.


Cookiepuss-We Rock Hard
Unlikely Alibi - At The Ready
X 102.3 Essentials volume 5
x 102.3 Essentials volume 6
Version City Sessions
Mid West DIY compilation
Jerome Schooley The Big Pisser
Jerome Schooley Hick Hop

Set List

Original set is a hour and a half
I have a cover set of over 4 hours of music. Ranging from Johnny Cash, Snoop Dog, NWA, Sublime, Bob Marley, Zac Brown Band, The Clash, Lady Ga Ga, Public Enemy, Toots and The Maytels, Prince Buster, Kenny Rodgers, I try to hit almost everything. I have a set catalog of over 100 songs from Hip Hop to Country I do it all on a acoustic guitar or my Gibson Es 175. I have a huge fan base that continues to grow.