jeron ronn

jeron ronn

 Detroit, Michigan, USA

oldschool mixed with new school R&B. energetic music you can dance too, and R&B ballads for the lover in you.


Jeron Thomas Carter was born in Lansing, MI on April 18, 1977 to Fredrick Thomas Carter and Donna Chandler Cole. From the age of 1, music was a major part of his existence. He would even bounce in his walker whenever music was being played. When he was 3, Jeron received his first Mickey Mouse record player and from then on he was playing music by great artists from Duke Ellington to Nat King Cole. He'd also spend hours listening to his Mom and Dad’s Motown and R&B records.

Jeron attended elementary school in Holt, MI where he was exposed to a wide range of musical styles, from Country Music and Heavy Metal to Jazz, Blues and even Classical Music. At 8 years old, he entered a talent show and showed off his break dancing skills. It was during these early elementary years that Jeron discovered his writing ability.

He began to create spontaneous, crazy songs about anything and everybody. The kids would always request replays of these creations. He would also entertain his classmates at recess and during trips with his original Rap songs. The youngest of 3 kids, Jeron constantly annoyed his siblings by taking their favorite songs and "butchering" them, turning them into his own original creations.

In June of 1986 Jeron moved with his maternal grandmother who taught him basic piano skills. In 1987 at the age of 10, he joined the youth choir at King David Baptist Church. In just a few short months, he led his first song, “Wade in the Water.” His interest in Rap continued from ages 12-14 during which time he taught himself to play drums. By age 15 he was playing drums for his church choir as well as singing. Although many people complimented his voice, he never took their comments seriously.

A turning point in Jeron's life came in 1993 when he attended Pershing High School and became reacquainted with a neighborhood friend by the name of Chris Crawford. At the time, Crawford was working on a Gospel Rap album with two other members, and Jeron soon became a member. The newly formed group networked with various artists around Detroit which ultimately led to performances for many churches and revivals throughout the city. Although they received some encouragement, Gospel Rap was not always embraced by church members.

After graduating high school in 1995, the group recorded another Gospel Rap album at the studio of jazz saxophonist Randy Scott. By this time, the four man group had dwindled down to a duo consisting of Chris Crawford on Rap vocals and Jeron singing background vocals. They performed at church engagements with various backup singers, but the gigs soon slowed and the group became stagnant.

In 2000 Crawford became a producer, working on projects with many talented Detroit area artists. During the summer of 2005 while working in the studio, Crawford suggested to Jeron that they work on a solo album together. This collaboration resulted in the self-titled album "Jeron Ronn," an eclectic masterpiece that pays homage to some of Jeron's various musical influences, including Marvin Gaye, Johnnie Guitar Watson, Funkadelics (George Clinton), Van Halen, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, and B.B. King to name a few.

Jeron Ronn continues to draw inspiration from artists of the past, as well as many contemporary artists. But these artists are no comparison to the major influence he receives from the people who are presently active in his life, like Sisters Maynoyd and Sarah McCrary who continue to encourage and motivate him; his father, the Late Mr. Fredrick Thomas Carter and Mother Donna Chandler Cole have also been a major support. Crawford recently said, "Working with an artist of Jeron's caliber has broadened my understanding and appreciation of music. We both wanted to make an eclectic album that would reflect our wide range of musical influences and I think we were able to achieve that. Our musical relationship is symbiotic. When we get in the studio, we just vibe off each other. He's like my musical right hand. He's John Lennon to my Paul McCartney."

Set List

I have two 15 minute sets. one is hip hop/R&B. The other is R&B, ballads. I also have an one hour show. With a combination of Hip Hop/R&B and R&B ballards. I will perform all the song on my track list. and two Luther Vandross covers, in my one hour show .