Jerrod Medulla

Jerrod Medulla


Jerrod Medulla and the Broke Down Band’s sound is “new” Old Country. They play original songs that are best described as contemporary Texas Country songs with a raw edge. They also cover songs—from Willie Nelson, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Merle Haggard, all the way to Chris Issack.


Jerrod Medulla was raised in Tuscola, Texas, a small town 20 miles south of Abilene. When Jerrod was a boy, he and his papaw loved to listen to country classics like Bob Willis, Ray Price, Willie Nelson, and Merle Haggard.

In 2000, Jerrod found himself with a broken heart, a lot of unanswered questions, and too many empty beer bottles. In search of answers, Jerrod bought a $99 pawn shop guitar. Jerrod asked his brother, a long time guitar and mandoline player, to teach him how to play. His brother tossed Jerrod a "how to book" and said, "Teach yourself. That's how I learned." In two weeks, Jerrod wrote his first cheating song, "Movin On."

Jerrod has been approached by performers and other Texas songwriters hoping to invest in his songs. "Everybody thinks I'm crazy for turning these guys down," Jerrod says, "But I'm not in this business for the money. Don't get me wrong, money's nice, but I'm in this business for the interaction with my fans and getting the message across to everyone that they're not alone. Hell, you can hear it in my songs. I'll never write a song that doesn't come from a true story, because to me that means it doesn't come from the heart."

Jerrod and Craig, the bass guitar player, have been playing together for 3 years now. The rest of the band has joined them in the past year.

As a mix of Old Country and Texas Country, Jerrod's unique sound is spreading throughout Texas dance halls like wildfire and has crowds dancing on tables and barcounters alike.

This phenomenal band has opened for numerous artists:
Jason Boland, Poodie’s Hilltop Bar and Grill
Kevin Fowler, Bash Riprock’s, Lubbock
Gary P. Nunn, Graham’s Central Station, Lubbock
Merle Haggard, Amphitheatre, Lubbock
Jack Ingram, Cabrito Cook-off,Lubbock
Mark David Manders, Sonora’s Cabrito Cook-off and
Murray’s, Odessa
West 84 Blaine’s Pub, San Angelo
Harris and Rhyden Blaine’s Pub
Davin James Blaine’s Pub


Jamey West

Written By: Jerrod Medulla

Well I'm damn confused about the way you choose
To handle this here heart of mine
even though it aint much
but what I had it was yours
You tried to tell me it wasn't my fault and
Now when I look back at all the lies I bought
I invested too much time into your wishin well
My buddy called me and said have no fear
I got just the thing that'll still that tear and
Man can't you see that she did you a favor
And how the hell was I to know
That she was into women when she let you go
Get your drinkin face on and I'll meet you down at the bar
Well tonight I could do two things feel sorry for myself over things I can't change
Or forget about your smile over shots of tequila
Well listen up man you know life's like that
You got to take the bad with a small grain of salt
So raise your glasses high here's to better days

Well out of the blue came sittin a pearl
With a cowboy hat who said that she was into Merle
Asked me if I wouldn't mind to dance just a few
I looked up at her and said surely not me I got a broken heart and I can hardly see
There's three of you now and there's only one of us
So she pulled me from my seat and she requested a song
About a lonely man whose bottle did him wrong
There's someting about Merle Haggard that gets to your heart
She pulled me a little closer and said better now
Than four kids later and broke down house
Because that dirty ol girl can't keep her hands to herself

Angel Wings

Written By: Jerrod Medulla

I found out today that my heart was taken
Because it's breaking down over you
You got a call from far away
It said your life was going to change so go
I hope the best of luck on your long vacation
I'll be waiting here for a call
Until the day we meet again I will be missing my best friend of all
(Chorus) Well an angel's got spread her wings
When she flies
Holding nothing back but these tears that are falling from our eyes
Take my hand and know that I'll be here for you
Until the sun decides to shine no more
I know that things in life happen for a reason
I aint teasing now
That you're gone
Waken the day get up and pray
Until I find you once again in my arms

That's Love

Written By: Jerrod Medulla

It's a twist
It's a turn
In that gravel road when you learn
That it's the only thing that'll smile at you when you're down
It's the sun coming up on your back porch
From behind those hills and it gives you warmth
It wraps your body like no other whiskey can
So don't run away
It's not your time to leave me standing in the dust
We're only so close
To figuring out what fate holds
So come turn to me
When the lights go down and you're left there standing all alone
I'll take you back, we'll work it out, and we'll see it through
That's love
It's a grasp
It's a hold
It's that feeling in your stomach that you're told
That she's the only one that can make you fall to your knees
It's the storm blowing in
The sky sinking low
As you turn for shelter and there's no where to go
A door opens up and her precious voice says come on in


The band's first CD is "from heartaches to hangovers."

Singles from this CD include "State of Grace" and "One Night Fling." "Wishing It Was Yesterday" has also received considerable air time.

After Jerrod records his second CD in March with Walt Wilkins, expect to hear him a lot more!

Set List

Sets are 2 1/2 hours.

Original songs:
Jamey West
Livin too Fast
I Can't Picture Love
State of Grace
That's Love
Lay You Down
One Night Fling
Wishing It Was Yesterday
Angel Wings
Leave Me Now
Circus Show
I'm Loving You
That's What I Get
Why Can't I tell You
She Ain't Stupid, She's Just in Love
Back Porch Song
Friends Like Mine
Give Me A Chance
Movin On
Smoke Skim the Moonlight
Everything is Better in Texas
Let It Go
This Man
Do You Ever Think of Me
Tearstained Window
Better Years
That Kind of Woman
Just One More Night

Dwight Yoakum-Streets of Bakersfield
Merle Haggard-Chase Each Other, Working Man Blues
Waylon Jennings-Clyde Plays Electric Base
Bruce Springsteen-I'm on Fire
Jack Ingram-Picture on My Wall, Song for Amy, Work This Out
Willie Nelson-Angle Flying Too Close to the Ground
Chris Issack-Wicked Game
Don Williams-Some Broken Hearts Never Mend
Johnny Bush-Whiskey River
Cooder Graw-State Line
Reckless Kelly-Crazy Eddies L