My music is a combination of gospel and country music. It is universal.


My music is speical.
Some One You want, Be One With God, Tears From Heaven, Smile and The Way Is The Light


Be One With God

Written By: Jeremiah Semien

Who am I
To justify
Try to deny
The love of God
We all need the God
Be one with God
You do not need a drug
But a hug
Right is right
Try not to fight
The love of God
Be one with God
Try to go
But you know
You get low
And you know
The Holy One
You are his son
Try to be
One with God
You love God
Times ar ehard
We have a long
Road it is hard
Time to be with
Be one with God

Some One You Want

Written By: Jeremiah Semien

Verse One:
When you're all alone
Your singing a prayer
You watch the other
You stare
Just to hope
You can find
True love
Someone to find
If you find
Your hearts desire
You can find
A piece in your heart
It will recover
You're fill with
Heavenly bliss

Someone you want
Some peace you find
And justice to give
Your heart a piece
of mind

Verse Two:
Don't you dream of love
Wind blows from
Every direction
Try to find a heart
In love's direction
Try to find peace
With a hug from
A stranger
If you can find in
Your heart a love
So kind
You would share
Some of love's wine

If it someone
You want
Don't be blinded
We all need
A peace of mind
A little justice
For all
But the heart
Is not small
But love is the power
From God who gives

Verse Three:
Follow your heart
To a lover who is kind
Taste the honey of
Love's devine
Soon you'll find away
To ease your mind
You follow your heart
Where it may go
You try not to stop
The flow
You listen to your
It is right
Cause love is always
Blined by the light

Tear From Heaven

Written By: Jeremiah Semien

Verse One:
As I see the sky
Look up I lie
Think of my dreams
It seems
I know how to give
A piece of heaven
To someone I love
I pray to heaven

We have tears from
As I look at the
Clock it was eleven
So as I pray
We all lay
And know we
Have tears from heaven

Vesre Two:
Singing a song
All day long
Giving a piece of bread
My earnings I
What we all know
So I will not
Be low
As I say

Verse Three:
Busy I am
I pray to lamb
Tell me how
I made it
Cause God say it
Learning the ropes
Is hard to do
We all lose sight
Of what to do



Set List

1. Some One You Want
2. Tears From Heaven
3. The Way Is The Light
4. Be One With God
5. Smile