Jerry Johnston  Folk Worth

Jerry Johnston Folk Worth

 Fort Worth, Texas, USA

I am a singer/songwriter, plain and simple. I play the songs I write, and when I do perform traditional music or the music of other artists, I try my best to make those songs my own.


I am a singer/songwriter. My new Band is Folk Worth, an acoustic Americana/Folk group that varies its size to fit the venue. I work as a single from time to time but enjoy working with my bandmate, Gerald Ray and other fine musicians. 

My most recent project is a new CD I will be releasing in late June or July of this year. It is called Folk Worth/Hearts on Fire and includes eleven original songs. Performing on the new CD are some of the finest musicians I have ever worked with including Gerald Ray, Milo Deering, Aden Bubeck and many others. 

I have worked for many years in the music business playing festivals, theaters and clubs throughout the United States, I but in recent years I have dedicated myself to song writing and performing original music. My musical influences are many, from the songsmiths of Tin Pan Alley to Woodie Guthrie, Towns van Zant, Guy Clark, Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell, Steve Earl and many more.


Glory Train

Written By: Jerry Johnston/Gerald Ray

When Charlie he left Nashville,
Dreams were all he packed.
Headed down to Texas,
And never once looked back.

Charlie lost both his legs
Said he was hoppin’ a freight.
Says, “Next time I’ll buy a ticket,
even if I have to wait!”

Lordy, it’s a pretty day!
Tell you what I found
You don't need a ticket
when this train comes around.

Wake up, Wake up! Open up your eyes!
Listen to that sound!
Glory Train’s pulling in,
Pretty soon it’ll be outbound.

Charlie, he’s a philosopher.
One day he found the Lord.
Says,” Life goes flying by
No time for broken hearts.”

“Got to live life like you mean it.
Ain’t coming back again.
Make life like you want it.
Make everyone your friend.”


Some people never wake up.
They eyes and ears is closed.
walkin’ round with they head hung down.
Don’t know what they don’t know.”

“Long as I got my hand in yours,
you know I can’t complain.”
Pull me up and let’s take a ride
on that outbound Glory Train.

Life is written in pencil
Subject to change
maybe we don't have a choice
its all pre-ordained

Lordy, it’s a pretty day!
Tell you what I found
You don't need a ticket
when this train comes around.

Wake up, Wake up! Open up your eyes!
Listen to that sound!
Glory Train’s pulling in,
Pretty soon it’ll be outbound.

Want to be on that Glory Train
When it heads out of town!

Amsterdam by Spring

Written By: Jerry Johnston

Amsterdam by Spring

We'll be back in Amsterdam by Spring
If I can only fix a few dam things
A red balloon without a string
Back in Amsterdam by Spring

A woman with a broken smile
Sang her song for a little while
Thanked me like a lonely child
On a street back in Amsterdam

Old town, down a crooked mile
Evening girl with a sexy smile
With looks that say "I'll be here a while...",
On a street back in Amsterdam

If we hang on for just a few more years
We'll be loving in the flowers here
Boatman might even let you steer
Down a street back in Amsterdam

Sinner Like Me

Written By: Jerry Johnston

I've been a lot of places I never should have been.
Saved seats for folks I never saw again.
But the stained glass windows glitter as the sun comes shining through,
and I just can't help but wonder what I'm doing here with You.

What's a busted up, broken hearted fool,
what's a sinner like me doing in a place like this with You?

You never even asked me why I live the way I do.
Good Book says You'll judge me when my days on earth were through.
But until that time You'll show me that I've been missing out.
If I bend my knees, I'll learn what real love's all about.

Lord, you know that I'm not perfect, even on my best days,
but if we're all your children, maybe you could look the other way...

I've Got Diesel in my Veins

Written By: Jerry Johnston

Don't take much to get me high.
Old Freight Liner passing by.
Big Mac Truck starts to whine,
in my mind I see white lines.
To me its all the same
I've got diesel in my veins.

I've got diesel in my veins.
Round the world and back again.
Hitching rides and hopping trains.
I've got diesel in my veins.

Singing tires and shifting gears,
in my mind thats all I hear.
Call it music of the spheres.
It's all music to my ears.
To me its all the same,
I've got diesel in my veins.

I'm still breaking all the rules
'cause I'm a fan of fossil fuels.
You can say that I'm old school,
carbon footprint of a fool.
To me it's all the same.
I've got diesel in my veins.

I'm a road scholar.
I'm a freight hauler.
I'm a silver dollar waiting to be found.

The One I Know By Heart

Written By: Jerry Johnston

I’ve been humming these old tunes,
the phrases and the lines.
For so long
I can’t get them off my mind,
the ones I know by heart.

The songs I know by heart
are the ones we gave away.
We sang them in the park,
I can sing them still today,
the ones I know by heart.

In my heart, there are no memories.
In my heart, there’s only here and now
and the ones I know by heart.

If I could live again the bests moments of my life,
I wouldn’t have to guess what they would be..

I’ve been coming home to you
where ever that might be.
For so long
you’ve been looking after me
and the ones I know by heart.


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