Jerry A Ranger

Jerry A Ranger

 North Hollywood, California, USA

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I'm Too Crazy For Love

Written By: Jerry A Ranger

I’M TOO CRAZY FOR LOVE – sung by a lady who is afraid of being in love. Crazy seems to be her escape.

Seems I’m crazy, ‘bout you every day
So crazy, ev’ry crazy way
Just crazy, because it’s you I’m always thinking of
Pure crazy, but feelin’ so insincere
Just crazy, when I’ve still got the fear
That I’m too crazy….for love

I love to sparkle and shine
Yes, I love the world, think it’s mine
When they say the things you don’t know won’t hurt you
I’ve tried it all and I’ve found
That love keeps on holding me down
Now I’ll just love all the virtues….of virtue

I’m so crazy, but I’m still not quite sure
If crazy might provide the cure
Since crazy’s a mental game of push and shove, I’m not above
Yes, crazy’s the place where I’m gonna stay
Just crazy, til they find the way, and say
I’m not too crazy for love

Guess I’m just too crazy for love…..