Jerry Arlen

Jerry Arlen


Experimental Folk Rock entwined with melodic choruses meant to both entertain, and to provide something different to the ear, but strangely familiar.


Jerry Arlen has developed a sound over the years that borrows so many elements from folk, it is suprising it cannot be called folk. The genuine feeling that come from his songs, delivered with pure talent, in the rawest way possible stem from a genre he claims he "rarely listens to" But that is where the folk ends. After you get passed the vocals, which are heightened with a range Jeff Buckley would be proud of, you get to the surprising root of his music. Single guitar pieces that showcase a more jazz styling, while still maintaining an ere of pop behind every note. It is truly hard to tell what Genre he will choose for each song, however one thing will remain, they are melodic and accessible to the everyday man. He seems to thrive on his ability to reduce music to it's most basic form, than using the power of his vocals, take it to places that haven't been reached in years. Jerry Arlen has earned his place as a mainstay in venues across the country.


The Drive Me Home E.P

Set List

Drive Me Home(original)
Grains Of Sand(original)
9 Crimes
Falling Slowly
Where God Left Me(original)
Black Balloon
This Year(original)
Multiple Others
Length: 20-90 minutes(10 minute buffer period)